Best Stands for Google Pixel Slate Android Central 2021

Tablet stands come in every shape, style, and price point under the sun, but with 7.95 inches of height, the Google Pixel Stand is ever so slightly too big for most of the "regular" tablet stands and pillows you'd find online. Never fear! We've hunted down a bevy of stands that will not only fit the Google Pixel Slate's large frame but fit your life and your needs, as well.

Cover and kickstand: Incipio Esquire Series Folio for Google Pixel Slate

This stylish folio case surrounds your Pixel Slate safely while in transport and can rotate for landscape or portrait use while using the case as a stand, serving as both a stand and a stylish case. This stylish case also has a loop for your Pixelbook Pen to rest in.

$70 at Google Store

Keyboard stand: Google Pixel Slate Keyboard

If you want your folio case to be a true multi-taskers, you'll need to shell out for Google's first-party keyboard. This premium package has backlit "Hush" quiet keys, a large trackpad, and adjustable kickstand angles for an all-in-one accessory.

$199 at Best Buy

Bed and couch buddy: LapGear Smart-e Lap Desk

I'm all for chilling in bed with a table for 6 hours, but no one wants to hold up a tablet that long, not even the light, lithe Pixel Slate. LapGear's Smart-e Lap Desk has a 12" groove made to hold larger tablets, and it even has room for a keyboard, phone, or bowl of popcorn!

$30 at Amazon

For serious sketching: Elevation Lab DraftTable Kit

A Google Pixel Slate can be an artist's best friend, but only if you've got a rock-steady stand to hunch over for drafting, drawing, and doodling. This stand is just like one WACOM makes for its drawing tablets and even comes with an inkwell-type holder for your Pixelbook Pen.

$70 at Amazon

Professional grade: AboveTEK Tablet Stand

If you want a Pixel Slate stand that you can be completely sure won't fall over, you buy what the professionals use for their all-important POS kiosks. AboveTEK's Retail Kiosk Stand is heavy, durable, and comes with 2 brackets for sure-fire fit.

$39 at Amazon

To the table, to the wall!!: iKross 2-in-1 Tablet Mount Stand

This multi-tasking stand comes with two wall brackets, allowing you to mount your Pixel Slate in the kitchen for recipe notes — or Netflix, because baking can get boring — and slide the mount itself out for propping up your Pixel Slate at your desk or nightstand for a few quick episodes before bed.

$33 at Amazon

While there are a lot of stand options out there for the Pixel Slate, I have to say that I really like the flexibility of the the two-fer iKross mountable stand, but I also know all too well how hard it is to use a tablet in your lap comfortably, so do your wrist and neck a favor and grab the LapGear Smart-e so that you can use your Pixel Slate anywhere, but especially in bed on those lazy Sunday mornings when it's too cold to get up and too bright to sleep.

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