Best smart power strip 2024

With so many electronic devices throughout our homes and cluttering our desks, most of us need more than one or two sockets to keep everything plugged in and powered. To keep your devices powered up you'll need a power strip but you could be wasting electricity keeping inactive devices plugged in. A smart power strip gives you control so you can switch outlets on or off at will. You can even use voice commands so you don't need to open an app.

Power up your tech with a smart strip

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Keep your devices up and running with the best smart power strips

There are a lot of problems you can solve with a smart plug including finding where you may be wasting power. Our top pick has power monitoring built-in but you can also check out the best smart plugs with energy monitoring. Electricity is getting expensive and as society transitions to renewables, it's on all of us to reduce waste so we can hit renewable goals as soon as possible.

The best smart power strip you can get is the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300, which includes six outlets along with three USB ports. It's set up like a traditional power strip with surge protection so it can be a drop-in replacement for antiquated tech. If you want something smaller (and cheaper) you can go with the KP303 from Kasa. It's still convenient, even with just three plugs.

If you're looking for something outdoors but need more capacity than a smart plug as we saw with our Ring Outdoor Smart Plug review, the POWRUI Smart Power Strip is a solid choice with four outlets. There's also nothing keeping you from using it inside or in a garage if you want something robust.

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