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Best smart power strip 2022

Aukey Power Strip Usb C Pd Lifestyle
Aukey Power Strip Usb C Pd Lifestyle

With so many electronic devices throughout our homes and cluttering our desks, most of us need more than one or two sockets to keep everything plugged in and powered. To protect your gadgets from spikes and electrical surges, you can get a standard surge protector or, even better, you can upgrade to one of the best smart power strips with a built-in surge protector. Similar to smart Wi-Fi plugs but with the addition of several outlets, a smart power strip lets you plug in and control multiple devices with voice commands or through an app. These are the best smart power strips you can get.

Keep your devices up and running with the best smart power strips

If you're a fan of smart plugs like the Ring Outdoor Smart Plug but find that you're always running out of sockets in your home, you can get a smart power strip instead. These are extremely useful when you have a few gadgets that you need to keep plugged in either on your desk, in your kitchen, or on the living room floor, and would love to be able to turn them on or off with a quick voice command.

The best smart power strip you can get is the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300, which includes six outlets along with three USB ports. However, if it's a bit outside of your budget and you don't need quite so many outlets, you can also consider the Gosund Power Strip that comes with three outlets and three USB ports. It's not only a great price, but it's smaller than some of the other smart power strips on this list, so you can easily move it around your house or take it with you when you travel.

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