Best Samsung SSDs 2022

Samsung Evo+ SSD
Samsung Evo+ SSD (Image credit: Android Central)

Choosing the right solid-state drive (SSD) makes all the difference for day-to-day tasks or gaming, even more so if it's the drive that contains the operating system. SATA SSDs took storage to the next level when seen against mechanical drives, but NVMe PCIe SSDs like the Samsung 980 user in a new dimension with fantastic read and write speeds at a reasonable price. As a result, it's the best SSD in terms of performance and value for your PC or Chromebook.

These are the best Samsung SSDs right now

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You can easily switch out the SSD inside the best Chromebooks, so if you're looking to increase the storage or want a faster drive, you can go with any of the M.2 picks highlighted above. If we were to make a single outright recommendation, it would be the Samsung 980, offering immense value and high-performance levels, with a strong warranty to back it. So long as you have a spare M.2 slot, this SSD will deliver read and write speeds up to 3,500MB/s and 3,000MB/s. Of course, if you need the best M.2 SSD money can buy right now, you'll have to pick up the Samsung 980 Pro.

If you're in the market for portability, the Samsung T7 is a fantastic choice. You can connect the portable drive to the best Android phones and transfer data from your phone to the SSD. Although flagships like the Galaxy S21 come with 128GB of storage by default, it's good practice to back up the data on your phone to an external source and the T7 allows you to do that with ease.

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