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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus screen protectors 2022

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a huge and functional tablet best complemented with one of the best Galaxy Tab S7+ screen protectors. With a 12.4-inch screen, the tablet is great for getting work done, playing games, and more. However, no matter what you plan to do with it, a protective case and screen protector are must-have accessories. And here are a few great ones to consider.

Protect your investment with the best Galaxy Tab S7 Plus screen protectors

It doesn't matter what tablet or smartphone you buy: the first accessories you should get with it is always a protective case and screen protector. And if you don't want to grab a case just yet, at least a screen protector will prevent the expensive glass from getting cracks or scratches. Of course, this doubly goes for one of the best Samsung tablets available right now.

The best Galaxy Tab S7+ screen protectors include the Supershieldz High Definition Clear Shield, which will satisfy your needs for a strong screen protector at a decent price. And since it comes with three in the pack, you can split the cost among other Tab S7+ owners or keep a few as spares should the first one crack due to an unfortunate accident.

While the TIMOVO Like Paper Screen Protector costs almost double what the others on this list do, you get the added benefit of a special matte surface that reduces glare and reflections and helps the S Pen glide effortlessly along the screen's smooth surface. So depending on how you plan to use the tablet and for what purpose, this one might be worth the extra dough.

For the same price as the Supershieldz is the SuperGuardz Screen Protector, which also comes three to a pack and offers everything you'd expect with a good screen protector, including anti-scratch, anti-bubble, and anti-fingerprint design along with high transparency so it won't impact your view of the actual screen.

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