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If you've already purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 case for your new compact Android tablet, you'll certainly need one of the best Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 screen protectors to fully secure it from spills and scratches. This lightweight tablet, which is more affordable than the Galaxy A7, is a convenient option to take with you on the go as you travel or share amongst your family. To keep its sleek 8.7-inch display spotless, these are the best screen protectors you can get.

Spigen  Slim Product Render

Crystal clear: Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM

Staff Pick

Spigen creates high-quality screen protectors that you can trust with confidence when it comes to protecting your new tablet. This tempered glass protector will not only fit your Galaxy Tab A7 Lite flawlessly, but it will preserve the screen's clarity and original brightness. With 9H hardness and an oleophobic coating, scratches, fingerprints, and blemishes are prevented while touch-responsiveness remains the same.

$40 at Spigen
Supershieldz Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Product Render

Best value: Supershieldz for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Tempered Glass

The Supershieldz screen protector is a great bang for your buck. Made from tempered glass with 9H hardness, it'll do an excellent job protecting your tablet should it be mishandled. You'll still get top clarity and the original touch experience, and hydrophobic and oleophobic coating help reduce marks from your fingers and sweat. Also, rounded edges keep the experience as smooth as ever.

Alpha Glass Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Product Render

Alpha glass: OtterBox Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Alpha Glass Screen Protector

The OtterBox Alpha Glass may not come cheap, but it'll last you a lifetime (or close to it). This anti-shatter tempered glass screen protector does as good of a job keeping fingerprints and smudges away as it does shielding your tablet should someone lose their grip and drop it. Reinforced edges prevent chipping, while fortified glass material prevents splintering, making this case the perfect one if you're not always as gentle as you'd like to be with your tablet.

$50 at OtterBox
Jetech Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Product Render

Budget pick: JETech Screen Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

You can save some money with the JETech Screen Protector, and it will still protect your display just for less. This ultra-clear tempered glass with 9H hardness is highly responsive and scratch-resistant, so your screen won't look any different when you're steaming or just surfing the web. Best of all, it's waterproof, dust-proof, and easy to install without annoying bubbles.

$10 at Amazon
Saharacase Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

Damage free: SaharaCase ZeroDamage Ultra Strong Tempered Glass

The SaharaCase is a top-notch screen protector designed from tempered glass that retains touchscreen sensitivity while safeguarding your tablet from impact and scratches. Your display will be fingerprint and smudge-free, thanks to an oleophobic coating. This screen protector also includes a handy installation kit to ensure no bubbles get caught under the glass.

$40 at Best Buy
Ivoler Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Screen Protector

Double the trouble: iVoler (2 Pack) Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

If you're looking for a screen protector that also offers some protection for your tablet's camera, then the iVoler (2 Pack) Screen Protector has just that. With this set, you'll get two screen protectors and two camera lens protectors. This case is thin enough to remain responsive to touch, and because it's made of a 9H hardness tempered glass material, it offers display clarity and security from accidents.

$11 at Amazon

The best Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite screen protector

Samsung has some of the best Android tablets, but they don't all have to cost a fortune. One of its latest releases, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, is on the more affordable end and competes with some of the other best cheap Android tablets. If you're looking for a great value screen protector for your new tablet to prevent daily wear and tear, the Supershieldz for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Tempered Glass is a great choice that offers a lot of the same features as some of the more premium screen protectors.

If, however, your tablet makes its way around the household and you can never be certain what it'll encounter, you might want to opt for one of those more premium options, such as the Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM or the OtterBox Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Alpha Glass Screen Protector. These brands are well-recognized when creating high-quality screen protectors and will be on the more durable end of the spectrum. Regardless, purchasing any of these screen protectors will help you keep your device in the best condition possible and away from scratches, smudges, and any damage.

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