Best Samsung Galaxy S22 car mounts 2024

Even though they are about to be succeeded by the Galaxy S23 line-up very soon, Samsung's Galaxy S22 trio of smartphones continues to be the finest that the world of Android has to offer. Regardless of the device that you have (or plan on buying!) of the three, it's important to pair it up with the right accessories. One such accessory is a car mount, which can help you safely interact with your device when you're behind the wheel. So, to help you out, we've rounded up some of the best Galaxy S22 car mounts available out there. Read all about them and take your pick!

These are the best car mounts for your Galaxy S22 

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Choosing the best Galaxy S22 car mount isn't that hard

There is a wide range of options available if you want the convenience of using your Galaxy S22 smartphone while driving. While they vary in their utility and ease of use, the basic functionality is solid enough that you can go for any option.

The Easy One Touch 5 from iOttie remains our favorite pick and is easily one of the best car mounts out there. You don't have to deal with a frustrating installation as the company offers different versions based on whether you are mounting your phone to the window, dashboard, or even a CD player. You can press the button to have the arms automatically close in on your phone, creating a perfectly convenient mount while you're on the road.

If you want the flexibility to rotate the phone freely, consider using TT&C's magnetic car phone mount. Alternatively, if you want your line of sight freed up for the road or your air vents unblocked, the OFY mount for rearview mirrors is the one to choose due to its central mounting option. If you frequent bad roads, you can also choose a more secure option like the Loncaster silicone car phone mount pad.

While traditional car mounts are useful, they end up being a bit bulkier, thus taking up a lot of precious space in your car's cabin. That's why we also suggest checking out the best magnetic car mounts in the market. When installed, you'll be able to rotate or swivel your Samsung Galaxy S22 to the perfect angle, without needing to block your windshield or air vents.

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