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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a curved AMOLED display covered with Gorilla Glass 6, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need a great screen protector. Curved glass is inherently more vulnerable than flat, and the Note 20 Ultra's massive screen leaves many opportunities for scratches and potential cracks. That's why you should buy one of the best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen protectors for your new, expensive phone.

Venoro Screen Protector Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The glass way: Venoro Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Staff Pick

Venoro is a name we often rely on for quality screen protectors for all major phone releases, and with the Note 20 Ultra, it's showing up to the plate yet again. This single-screen protector is of the tempered glass variety, offering incredibly scratch resistance, a 99.99% transparency rating, and a super slim design at just 0.3mm thick.

$10 at Amazon
Uniqueme Tpu Screen Protector

Ultra-soft, auto repair: UniqueMe TPU Screen Protector (4-Pack)

Made of soft TPU, this pack includes a pair of bubble-free, case-friendly protectors that go on easily without forming any bubbles, along with two camera lens protectors. The protectors are all touch-sensitive, anti-shatter, anti-fingerprint, and anti-glare. A neat self-healing feature will automatically restore the film surface as needed.

$15 at Amazon
Bazo Screen Protector Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Combo: BAZO Soft Screen Protector (2-Pack)

If you're looking to stretch your dollars and get a spare, you can't ignore this package from BAZO. It all starts with two TPU film protectors, which are easy to install and compatible with all cases. The protectors on their own are perfectly fine, but BAZO also includes two tempered glass protectors for the rear camera hump.

$9 at Amazon
Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Premium protector: Whitestone Dome Glass Protector

Whitestone Dome Glass has proven to be a reliable, well-fitted protector for all of Samsung's latest devices. It provides improved responsiveness with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The liquid optically clear adhesive ensures a tight bond when paired with the included UV light curing treatment.

$50 at Amazon
Lk Screen Protector Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Easy positioning: LK Screen Protector (4-Pack)

This set of four screen protectors comes with a handy positioning tool for aligning the hole with the camera lens for the bonus lens protectors and easy application overtop the screen. Made of flexible TPU, it fully covers the entire curvature of the phone's screen.

$11 at Amazon
AloMit Note 20 Ultra screen protector

Three for the price of one: AloMit Screen Protector (3-Pack)

AloMit's offering for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is hard to argue with — three film screen protectors for a super low price. The usual features are here, including fingerprint sensor support, a case-friendly design, and an easy install process. You also get two tempered glass protectors for the rear camera housing.

$11 at Amazon

Be smart and protect that screen

We're rather smitten with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with one of its best assets being its screen. As such, protecting the phone is a must with one of the best Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen protectors. There are a lot of screen protectors you can get for the phone. Still, out of everything, we think one of the best options is the Venoro Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The glass construction offers the best scratch resistance you'll find, and when you combine that with easy installation, excellent clarity, and fair price, you end up with a winner. This is one of the best Android phones, after all.

If money isn't an object and you want to splurge for one of the most durable screen protectors on the planet, you need to get the Whitestone Dome Glass. Yes, it's expensive, and the installation process is a chore. But once everything is applied, you're in for something magical.

Once you've selected the perfect screen protector, don't forget to grab a protective for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as well, so you get full 360-degree device protection.

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