Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

When looking at Samsung's range of wearables, for most, the Gear Fit2 Pro is its best overall. This slim-screened companion checks all of the boxes for fitness tracking, with the sensors and software capable of following everything from your everyday movements to running, gym workouts, and swimming.

Our pick

Gear Fit2 Pro

Still one of the best fitness trackers around

With a slim but stunning curved OLED display, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro serves up detailed workout information, fitness tracking, and even music without the bulk and price of a full-bodied smartwatch.

Who should buy this tracker?

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a perfect companion for runners, joggers, and for Galaxy users looking for a wearable that will give them the workout tools and the information they need to achieve their fitness goals. The Gear Fit2 Pro's screen is longer, brighter, and better than almost any other fitness tracking band on the market today, and considering this tracker was released over a year ago, that feat is impressive.

With water resistance up to 50 meters, more secure straps than the original Gear Fit2, and support for offline music from providers like Spotify, the Gear Fit2 Pro offers just enough smartwatch functionality to make you forget that it's a fitness tracker (although there's nothing wrong with that). The long, narrow, curved screen of the Gear Fit2 Pro makes it ideal for looking over your notifications, and the 4GB of internal storage allows you to store your workout playlist from Spotify if you prefer to leave your phone behind on your morning run.

Is it a good time to buy this tracker?

Samsung released the Gear Fit2 Pro back in late 2017, but we haven't seen any fitness trackers released by Samsung since, only full-size smartwatches with some fitness features built in. IIn short, it's been out long enough for it to start seeing deeper price cuts without worrying about a new model release.

Now is probably the perfect time to take advantage of those price cuts, as Samsung has tended to release watches and fitness trackers in the fall.

Reasons to buy

  • Gorgeous, slim OLED display
  • Comfortable for daily wear and sleep tracking
  • Discounted after full year on market
  • Notifications from your phone
  • Full fitness tracking

Reasons not to buy

  • Slim screen means less info
  • Proprietary connection complicates band replacement
  • Few functions beyond fitness tracking

Track all your activities in a slim, affordable package

For the Gear Fit2 Pro, Samsung took what it learned from several generations of general-purpose smartwatches, added in some knowledge from the first Gear Fit2, and came out with a great overall fitness tracker. The Fit2 Pro is a bit bigger than the more barebones trackers out there, but for good reason: it has a slim, curved OLED display for showing you all of your fitness-related information, as well as notifications from your phone.

It's a fitness tracker for almost every kind of person, and has enough smartwatch-like features to keep you up to date.

Sure it does the typical daily tracking of steps and floors, but it can also utilize GPS tracking for running, gym workouts, and swimming. The well-designed strap will stay on your wrist through vigorous workouts, and it can be swapped out for different sizes and styles if you want to change the look.

Beyond the basic on-person tracking, the Gear Fit2 Pro can also sync up with Samsung Health for tracking other parts of your health like food and water intake, as well as heart rate and sleep cycle information. There are also partner apps from big names like Under Armour and MapMyRun that can let you integrate the Fit2 Pro into your existing routine.

Alternatives to the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro has been out for a little over a year, but in that time there haven't been many fitness-oriented trackers from Samsung. That said, we have seen new smartwatches with fitness-tracking sensors included alongside the more rounded-out experience.


Galaxy Watch (42mm)

Samsung's latest smartwatch is its best ever

The Galaxy Watch is a great all-around smartwatch that can offer you lots of information, let you manage notifications from your phone, and pull double duty as a fitness tracker.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch can do a whole lot more than the Gear Fit2 Pro — and there are a lot more apps compatible with it — but it's almost twice the price. It's larger and heavier than a dedicated fitness band, too, so we strongly recommend the 42mm variant of the Galaxy Watch so there's less chance of catching the watch on the edge of any equipment (unless you have big wrists).

Value pick

Gear Fit2

The original is still a great fitness tracker

The Gear Fit2 has the same overall dimensions and core capabilities as the Fit2 Pro, but it has a weaker strap and lacks the hardcore waterproofing required for swim tracking. If you can find it on sale, the original Gear Fit2 can be more than adequate for a non-swimmer's fitness needs.

When it comes to getting basic fitness tracking, run tracking, and notification management done, the Gear Fit2 will handle the task the same as the newer Fit2 Pro will. Just be sure to know the exact limitations before choosing to save some money compared to the Fit2 Pro model: it doesn't have as high a water resistance, and the band for the Fit2 had a tendency to fall off, but there are several replacement band styles that can help you avoid that.

Bottom line

It's rare that the best fitness tracker by a major manufacturer like Samsung is also the most affordable, but the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro still leads the pack. The slim form factor may not display as much as a round smartwatch screen, but it shows enough and it is far more comfortable to wear during busy days and long workouts. Now that it's been out a while and experiencing price cuts and sales, there's no better time to buy one.

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