Best Pixel 4 Screen Protectors in 2022

A screen protector is the best Day One accessory you could invest in for the Pixel 4. No matter how careful you are, smartphone screens invariably pick up micro-abrasions from daily use and abuse, so let a slab of tempered glass or film take the abuse instead. Plus, you'll be able to resell your phone for more if it still has a pristine screen.

Don't take any chances with your Pixel 4 display

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The most common way phones start to show wear is on the display. As careful as you can be to protect your phone, without a screen protector it's only a matter of time before you start noticing micro-abrasions — or worse.

For those looking for a film screen protector, I recommend the Skinomi Full Coverage Matte Film which, as the name suggests, also offers anti-glare protection with that matte finish. You also get an optional skin for the back of the phone, too, which would let you protect your entire phone from scuffs and abrasions without a case. (Although, really, with fabulous Pixel 4 cases like these, why wouldn't you protect the back glass as well as the front?)

If you want to save on some quality tempered glass screen protector, your best bet is probably something like the OMOTON Tempered Glass (4-pack). It's a great value for the most rugged type of screen protector you can buy for a phone, and comes with a handy installation guide so you get it right the first time and every time.

Marc Lagace

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