Best Pixel 4 Screen Protectors Android Central 2020

A screen protector is the best Day One accessory you could invest in for the Pixel 4. No matter how careful you are, smartphone screens invariably pick up micro-abrasions from daily use and abuse so let a slab of tempered glass or film take the abuse instead. Plus, you'll be able to resell your phone for more if it still has a pristine screen.

Anti-glare protection: Skinomi Full Coverage Matte Film

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Matte finishes are great for anyone who uses their phone outdoors or in bright places where screen glare becomes an issue. Skinomi's film protects against scratches with a silky matte finish and also includes a protective film for the back of the Pixel 4.

$13 at Amazon

Fight blues and bugs: InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+

This tempered glass screen protector has VisionGuard, which blocks harmful blue light and can help you avoid eye strain and being kept up late at night, and it also has anti-microbial properties to help fight off some of the germs that our phones pick up being used everywhere.

$50 at Zagg

Three-for-One: MP-MALL Tempered Glass (3-pack)

MP-Mall offers a great value here with three tempered glass screen protectors that feature a notch cut out around the top bezel sensors on the Pixel 4. The kit also includes an installation guide so you can line it up right to the edge of the display.

$9 at Amazon

Cool as Corning: OtterBox Amplify Screen Protector

OtterBox partnered with Corning on this series of screen protectors, because who better to make a screen protector than the company that makes most of the glass we cover our phones with? Corning claims Amplify has five times stronger scratch resistance, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

$50 at Otterbox

Bubble-free installation: TopACE Tempered Glass (2-pack)

These tempered glass screen protectors feature a notch cut out on the top to accomodate the Pixel 4 sensors. TopACE offers a breakdown of the different layers that go in to delivering screen protectors that provide crystal-clear clarity and oleophobic protection on top of being tough and resilient against damage.

$8 at Amazon

Expose the bezel: LK Tempered Glass (3-pack)

LK offers a three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors that includes a handy installation guide. They also back up their product with a lifetime replacement warranty, so on top of the three included with the bundle you'll be covered for as long as you're using your Pixel 4.

$9 at Amazon

Don't take any chances with your Pixel 4 display

The most common way phones start to show wear is on the display. As careful as you can be to protect your phone, without a screen protector it's only a matter of time before you start noticing micro-abrasions — or worse.

For those looking for a film screen protector, I recommend the Skinomi Full Coverage Matte Film which, as the name suggests, also offers anti-glare protection with that matte finish. You also get an optional skin for the back of the phone, too, which would let you protect your entire phone from scuffs and abrasions without a case. (Although, really, with fabulous Pixel 4 cases like these, why wouldn't you protect the back glass as well as the front?)

If you want a tempered glass screen protector, the blue-light fliter and anti-microbial awesomeness of the InvisibleShield VisionGuard+ is very, very alluring. It's more expensive, to be sure, but it's more useful as well, especially if you're like me and use your phone anywhere and everywhere regardless of how dirty your hands are.

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