Best OnePlus 6 Cases in 2022

While the OnePlus 6 is over a year old now, it still delivers top-notch hardware and software at a lower price than its contemporaries. OnePlus' mantra is "Never Settle," which also applies to buying accessories because you should never settle for a damaged device. OnePlus offers some exceptional cases made in-house, but we've also outlined the best third-party cases available.

Add a case to your OnePlus 6

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A new case is a great way to give your phone a fresh look while ensuring that it stays in good condition. If you're planning to keep using the OnePlus 6 well past 2019 and you don't already have a case on it, now's a great time because prices have come down a bit.

Our top recommendation is the Spigen Rugged Armor, which offers the best value for a minimalist case that still provides reliable protection. It's an excellent choice for pretty much any situation and provides a comfortable grip, too.

OnePlus also offers some cases of their own, including a fancy folio wallet case, but we'll recommend the SnakeHive wallet case because it offers more in terms of functionality and style at a reasonable price. A premium case made from genuine leather that ages beautifully as you use it.

Marc Lagace

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