After a season of beer, snacks, a pigskin, and rooting for your favorite team, we're coming up to big finale of Football, The Super Bowl! As they duke it out to see who will rule the 2017/2018 NFL season, you're going to want to watch as much as you can. The Super Bowl isn't until February 4, but you can make sure you're prepared to see every play with a few apps to help you out. Whether your team never made it to the playoffs, or they're duking it out for the right to play in the biggest game of the year, these apps can keep you in the loop!

Never miss a moment when you use the best apps for NFL on Android!

NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is the official NFL app which includes news, video clips, and live streaming for NFL Network subscribers on Verizon or Bell. Set your favorite team for quick access to the latest news and analysis from the Stories and NFL Now sections. Tablet users can access NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone if they're eligible subscribers of AT&T U-verse, Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, DISH, and many more providers. If you're not a subscriber of any of those service providers, you can check into the NFL Now tab for breaking news and analysis.

NFL Mobile offers fast, polished football news right from the source. The week leading up to the big game is known as media week, and you can get all the latest news, interviews and highlights straight from the source via the NFL Mobile app.

Download: NFL Mobile (Free)


If you're looking to catch up on news after the game, theScore is widely regarded as the best app out there. You can follow specific teams, get home screen widgets for the latest information at a glance, and notifications when things get crazy with your favorite teams. The best part is, you can keep tabs on any other sports you might happen to be into, including college sports and all the other "football" leagues that the rest of the world follows.

If keeping up to date on football news is your top priority, get theScore.

Download: theScore (Free)

Madden NFL Mobile

Fans of EA's Madden series on PlayStation or Xbox might be wary of diving into the mobile version of the celebrated NFL video game, but there are lots to love here. It uses the same card upgrading system that's become so popular in both mobile games and EA's Ultimate Team systems alike — not ideal in my mind — but it offers many ways to play and earn coins and XP. There are daily and weekly live challenges (think the mini-games from Madden 2004), a single-player season mode, and time-delayed head-to-head matchups in which you and your opponent take turns on offense. If that sounds a little too casual, you're right, but it allows you to keep multiple games going at one time without dedicating a huge chunk of time to play a game to completion. And, of course, there's the constant temptation of microtransactions to upgrade your team in a hurry.

Other than those downsides, the gameplay and graphics are on point and the control scheme is pretty smart as well. Football fans would be remiss if they didn't at least give Madden Mobile a shot. In celebration of the big game, be sure to check out the Super Bowl-themed daily challenges to rack up some quick rewards for your account.

Download: Madden NFL Mobile (Free)


When it comes to sports — especially Football — ESPN is the go-to for ensuring you see the Pre-game, the real action of the game itself, and dissect every moment in the post-game. That attention to details and love of the game is baked right into their app as well. From up to the minute game scores, news coverage, podcasts, and live play-by-plays of every pass, there is a ton here for you to really dive into.

ESPN's mobile app gives you access to as much action as it possibly can. You can watch live video — provided you pay for a compatible cable provider — see highlight reels, check the stats after the game, and so much more. Delving into everything they offer will take some time, but for the discerning fan, it really is worth it.

Download: ESPN (Free)

Are you ready for some football?

Those are our picks, but there are plenty of ways to get in on the action. Do you like to use just one specific app, or do you pick and choose from multiple apps to get everything you want during the season? Let us know about it in the comments below!

Update, January 2018: This article has been updated with everything you need to get through the Playoffs and make it to the Super Bowl!