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Best Moto G Play (2021) Screen Protectors Android Central 2021

While there's so much focus on premium phones, sometimes all you need is the bare bones. That's where a phone like the Moto G Play (2021) comes in. The least feature-rich of Motorola's new phones but also the most affordable, it has a nice-sized 6.5-inch screen that is ripe for protecting. So, it's important to look at the best Moto G Play (2021) screen protectors for preventing cracks, and fingerprints.

Supershieldz Moto G Play

Prime protection: Supershieldz Tempered Glass – 2-Pack

Staff Pick

Always a top choice, this high-quality tempered glass screen protector offers maximum protection against scratches, smudges, and drops while still maintaining the original touch experience of the phone. Plus, it won't leave any residue behind when you remove it.

$8 at Amazon
Pulen Tempered Glass Moto G Play

Camera protection: PULEN Tempered Glass – 3-Pack

In addition to protecting the phone's screen, this tempered glass screen protector also comes with two camera lens protectors to safeguard those tiny pieces of glass as well. Laser cut and HD clear, the screen protectors are easy to install.

$10 at Amazon
Rbeik Tempered Glass Moto G Play

Ultra-thin: RBEIK Tempered Glass – 3-Pack

At just 0.3 mm thin, this barely-there tempered glass screen protector will not only protect the screen but also preserve the original viewing and touch experiences. It applies easily with bubble-free adhesives, safeguarding the screen from scratches and fingerprints.

$7 at Amazon
Dmax Armor Clear Shield Moto G Play

Lots to spare: Dmax Armor Clear Shield – 6-Pack

If you're grabbing a pack for multiple Moto G Play (2021) devices, whether it's for multiple family members or a work team, this pack will come in handy with six clear shields. Each premium film goes on dry without bubbles and is pre-cut to fit. Plus, no residue will be left behind when you remove it.

$7 at Amazon
Kjyf Tempered Glass Moto G Play

Most affordable: KJYF Tempered Glass – 3-Pack

Pinch pennies with this super-affordable tempered glass screen protector that is just 0.25mm thin. As a bonus, it comes with wet/dry wipes for dust removal before application as well as guide stickers.

$5 at Amazon
Supershieldz Matte Shield Moto G Play

No glass: Supershieldz Matte Shield – 6-Pack

An alternative to tempered glass, this matte shield is made from high-quality Japanese PET film. It resists both fingerprints and glare, preserves the touch experience, and protects against dust, scratches, and scrapes. And it won't leave any residue behind.

$7 at Amazon

Protecting your Motorola Moto G Power (2021)

Even the most affordable and prepaid phones should be protected. An investment is an investment, after all, and using a device with scratches, smudges, cracks, or fingerprints all over it is never a fun experience. That's why the first items you should buy after getting a new phone are a protective case and a screen protector.

When it comes to the best Moto G Power (2021) screen protectors, Supershieldz is a good option, and the Supershieldz Tempered Glass never disappoints with the high quality that maintains the touch experience and protects the screen from scratches.

To maintain optimal performance from the phone's camera, you might want to consider the PULEN Tempered Glass, which includes a two-pack camera lens protector along with three screen protectors.

Whichever you choose, it's important to keep the large 6.5-inch screen sufficiently protected to prolong the longevity of the device, even if it might become a hand-me-down in a few years, but especially if it's being purchased for a teenager, young child, or elderly person with slippery fingers.

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