Best microSD Cards for Galaxy Note 10 Plus 2022

The Galaxy Note 10+ is an absolute powerhouse. While the Note 10+ comes with at least 256GB of storage, you can still run out if you're prone to recording lots of 4k video, or if you download every Google Play Movies film you own to enjoy during flights and trips. We have rounded up the best Note 10 SD cards that you can get for the smartphone.

Check out these deals for the best microSD card for your phone.

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Pick what works for your needs

There are a lot of different microSD cards that will work with all kinds of Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. If we had to pick one of the best Note 10 SD cards, it would be the Samsung EVO Select 256GB microSD card because it doubles your storage, comes from Samsung, and won't break the bank. After all, 256GB internal storage + 256GB microSD card = 512GBGB of storage for hundreds of movies, songs, books, or app data — which should be enough for the vast majority of Galaxy users.

If you really want to go overboard and store your entire digital life, though, there's always the 1TB SanDisk Extreme microSD card This is the first microSD card of its size, and you will certainly pay for that privilege. However, if you want to store all the things on your Note 10+, this is the card for you.

Once you've found the right capacity and type of microSD card to expand the storage capacity of the phone, don't forget to grab a case for the Note 10+ to keep it protected no matter where you go to capture and/or enjoy all that great content on the device.

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