Best leather cases for Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 is sophisticated, so its case should be nothing less. Leather whispers sophistication in a dulcet tone that compliments your Note 7 elegantly. Here are the best leather cases you can find for the Galaxy Note 7.

Spigen Wallet S

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Spigen makes some the best phone cases around and its Wallet S faux-leather case is perfect for anyone who wants a leather case for their Note 7, and especially perfect for the animal lover in all of us.

The shiny black finish is sophisticated and rather business-like but has this sexy quality that lets you know it's all pleasure.

In typical wallet case fashion, there're three slots for cards and a cash pocket inside, and the reversible magnetic latch is handy for keeping your case both closed and open. The cover folds back into a stand for hands-free usage, and the PU leather is flexible and easy to work with.

It may seem odd to start a leather case roundup with one that's made of pleather, but it feels the same (if not better) and happens to be the best of the best.

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Tauri wallet flip cover

Tauri's wallet case for the Note 7 is the classic wallet case you'd expect: it has room for three cards, a bit of cash, and the front cover closes to enrobe your phone in luscious, genuine leather, secured by a magnetic clasp.

Its best feature, of course, is its ability to fold back into a stand so that you can watch YouTube and Netflix and play games hands-free. The leather is soft to the touch and feels great in your hand - it's not slippery.

Your Note 7 sits in a silicone shell inside, with a cutout at the back so you can take photos and video, and the charging port is left open so that you never have to take the case off.

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Etsy is an awesome place to find quality leather cases for just about any phone and the IstanbulLeatherShop always delivers. This handmade, genuine leather wallet case is gorgeous and understated, with a wan finish that gives it a modern look.

It has an inner shell that grips your Note 7, while keeping ports and buttons open, and the front cover secures tightly with a magnetic closure. Or, you can opt for "Book Style" and go without the closure.

The cover folds back into a handy stand for hands-free viewing, and the suede microfiber lining won't scratch up your screen.

Handmade means that every wallet case is unique, so if you want a case just for you, Etsy and the IstanbulLeatherShop is just the place.

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Ringke Flex S

If you want a leather case but still worry about leather's durability, then why not go for a case that blends leather in with the protective qualities you already look for?

The Flex S series by Ringke is a really cool blend of flexible TPU and a faux-leather on the back that stylish, sophisticated, and very effective in the event of a drop or bump.

The softer TPU bumper is perfect for shock absorption and protecting your Note 7 from scratches and the pleather back gives it a cool, almost rugged look, like if Indiana Jones had a modern phone case, it'd be this one.

Ringke makes great-fitting cases all around, and starting at $13, you really can't go wrong.

You have your choice of Deep Blue, Sleek Gray, or Vintage Brown.

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Caseology Envoy

I've only recently come to realize that Caseology makes some of the coolest cases around. Every time I research a roundup like this, its products just get better and better, and the Envoy is no different.

The Envoy is a dual-layer affair, with a flexible TPU shell that has a pleather back and a polycarbonate frame that sits around the whole thing to secure it all in place.

That's awesome on three fronts: 1. Your Note 7 is protected from drops and scratches, thanks to the rubbery TPU. 2. That protection is enhanced by the hard polycarbonate frame that helps disperse impact around the TPU. 3. The faux-leather back looks really cool and if you pick the right color, it'll have "you" written all over it!

You have your choice of beige, Cherry Oak, green, and navy blue leather, all with gold polycarbonate frames.

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Benittorre leather phone cover


Benittorre's option isn't so much a case as it is a pouch, but it's a freakin' sweet pouch, made of genuine leather. Some folks might be worried about a pouch and easy access to their Note 7, but this one features a pull ribbon that makes extraction a breeze.

The hand-stitching is expertly done and every cover is unique, meaning you'll have a one-of-a-kind case to show off that'll have everyone asking about it.

One of the most consumer-friendly options Benittorre offers is the choice to have its logo on your cover or not. If that doesn't say confidence in branding, then I don't know what does. They know you'll tell your friends about it.

There's also a slot on the front of the pouch where you can comfortably store a couple cards or your ID.

If you don't like this version, Benittorre has a few to choose from, including a camel-colored option and one without the front pocket.

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Samsung leather cover

What would a roundup be without the phone manufacturer's version of the case in question? Samsung's leather cover is a gorgeous black case that fits onto the back of your Note 7, leaving the buttons, ports, and S Pen all open to easy access,

The matte-finished, black leather is understated elegance in its truest form and it'll had a bit of mystery and intrigue to the already enticing Note 7.

It doesn't seem to be available yet (except for a rather suspect Amazon listing), so keep your eyes peeled!

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Leather, anyone?

Are you using a sexy leather case with your Note 7 that you think deserves a mention? Sound off in the comments below!

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