Best Leather Cases for Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is a beautiful phone so it only makes sense to find a case that accents its features. You know what always looks good? Leather.

There's a good variety of leather cases available for the Note 8, and different styles, too — whether you're looking for something that looks like an old, weathered book, a classic folio wallet, or just something with that nice leather finish on the back. Let's dive in.

Story Leather Side Flip Case

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Known for offering custom leather products made to order, Story Leather goes a cut above with their offering of smartphone cases.

They offer simple yet stylish pre-made flip cases for the Galaxy Note 8 made with pebbled black leather that looks fantastic. The front cover is held closed with a magnetic tab, with grey suede on the inside cover featuring a card slot and side pocket.

Your phone is held securely by a PC shell built into the case, with the option to fold things up for handsfree media. Available for $50, you can be confident in the craftsmanship that went into this case.

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DAVIS CASE Genuine Leather Case

We'll start out with some cases made from genuine leather. This option from DAVIS CASE has some great aesthetics especially if you love the look of old leather-bound books.

These cases are handmade with genuine leather that's got a nice weathered finish to it. On the inside, there's a pocket that will accommodate some folded bills, along with five card slots including a clear one for IDs. It also supports wireless charging and like most folio-style cases it can be folded into a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

At $29.99 it's a pretty fair price for a case of genuine leather made with hand-crafted quality.

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ProCase Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Looking for a basic folio wallet case made of genuine leather and a magnetic clasp? Check out this classic option from ProCase.

There are three card slots on the front, but based on reviews the slots can easily handle more than one card — and you might find your cards slip out too easily otherwise. There are precise cutouts around the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back, along with the bottom ports and S Pen at the bottom. The form-fitting inner shell is built to last and offers great protection from shocks and drops on the corners and edges. It's also good to go as a kickstand.

Get yours from Amazon for just $30.

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Ringke Flex S Advanced Series

Maybe you want a leather case but don't dig the folio-style case. Don't sweat it, Ringke has you covered with its Flex S Advanced Series case.

There are three leather-backed case options which are admittedly PU leather (aka not genuine leather like the options above), but feature the sleek design we've come to expect from Ringke cases.

It's not entirely flat on the back, so along with the glorious leather texture you also get these little ridges that'll help you keep a solid grip on your phone. The bulk of the case is made of flexible TPU that makes it easy to slap on and off your phone while keeping the case lightweight and durable.

You can get this slim case for just $10.99.

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Spigen Wallet S

Back to folio-style cases, Spigen has offered it's Wallet S case for the Note 8.

The Wallet S was one of my favorite cases for the short-lived Note 7 last year, so it should be a reliable option for the Note 8 as well. While it shares many of the same features as the other folio wallet cases on this list, one feature you might appreciate is the cutout around the ear speaker on the front flap, which allows you to talk on the phone with the cover closed.

It's only available in classic black and features a magnetic strap to keep it closed. Get this premium-looking wallet case for just $15.99.

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LK Luxury PU Wallet Strap Case

Looking for a premium look and feel for a budget price? LK's got you covered with this basic and functional wallet case that comes with a convenient wrist strap.

Like the other wallet cases on this list, LK's has a pocket for cash and card slots on the inside of the front fold, including a clear window for your ID. It's got a magnetic clasp for keeping closed and features precise cutouts for the ports, camera, and fingerprint sensor.

This case is available in black, purple, or rose gold PU leather for just $6.99, or brown leather for a bargain price of just $6.99.

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Which leather is your pleasure?

Any of these picks catching your eye? Got a favorite case that didn't make our list? Drop us a line in the comments!

Update March 2018: Added Story Leather to our list and updated the prices. $7 for a leather case 😮!

Marc Lagace

Marc Lagace was an Apps and Games Editor at Android Central between 2016 and 2020. You can reach out to him on Twitter [@spacelagace.

  • The Samsung Alcantara case is the best IMO!
  • Agreed.
  • Only problem is it's not very protective.
  • I think the author can't tell the difference between leather and "leather like."
  • Most of those cases are not leather. They are synthetic.
    Story Leather makes great custom leather cases!
  • Beware, a lot of these cases with the magnetic pins to keep it closed interfere with the s-pen
  • The fact that this is not in the article itself in BOLD means that they probably didn't try any of them themselves before recommending them.
    I tend to like these cases, but they simply DO NOT WORK WITH NOTE series because of their stupid magnets.
  • Thses look nice will have to do some digging never had a leather case
  • None of the cases in the article look like the one in the title picture? Am I missing something? I like the look of that one and wondering what it is . . .
  • Exactly!
  • This is some pretty sloppy clickbait. Come on AC this is lame.
  • Marc do you have any info on the case in the main article pic or is it just a stock photo?
  • I poked around the internet and I think it's the official Samsung alcantara case that the first poster mentioned . . .
  • Thanks Rev.
  • I can recommend the Ringke Flex S Advanced Series. It works with wirless charging, the buttons have enough resistance to avoid accidental presses, and the cutouts are appropriately sized, especially the headphone jack.
  • Thanks I just ordered one on eBay . My note 8 will be styling with it fo leather case hehe
  • Noreve makes some very nice real leather cases. I also emailed vaja and they are working on one. They are expensive but very nice. Icarer is one I’m waiting on now as well as a case from Italy that I found on Etsy. Tuscan leather.
  • If you want the brown leather like case,Ringke Flex S, for $3.90, use this code.
  • Thanks
  • Real leather, several styles for each device (from wallet to light, snap-on back shell). Tons of colors. Not cheap, but real quality never is.
  • Ok, I found my perfect N8 case. It is made by a company called G case. It is wallet style fabric with a liner the phone snaps into.
    The thing I love about the case is that it adds no bulk to the phone. It also had a card slot that allows me to carry my bus pass and my cc.
    I got one in red, and one in gray.
  • Wherever I go, it seems that no one has heard about iCarer Cases. I got a black one for my Note 8 and it's WONDERFUL!
  • if you want genuine leather its +30usd and you will get what you pay for. check this out: