Best Journaling Apps for Android

Why Journey is the best

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The right features, and accessibility across devices is what makes Journey the best.

Being able to access your journal from any location is a huge benefit for anyone who wants to take control of their digital journal. After all, if you're sitting at your computer, it's far easier to type out a prolonged entry than it would be by using the keyboard on your phone. That's one of the places that Journey really shines. It offers you access to your journal on tablet, phone, or computer.

While plenty of other journaling apps offer tons of great features, Journey is a complete package. As soon as you open the app you'll see your last entry, and are immediately able to start a new one. When you're writing up that new journal entry, there are a variety of ways to augment the text, using locations, tags, photos — anything, really. You can also let your device detect the local weather in your location, and import fitness data from your daily activities.

You get access to a calendar as well. It allows you to easily scroll through and see when you have updated your journal. This is just one of the ways that you can easily find old journal entries to go back over them. The second option for finding an entry you need to look back over is by searching with tags. Once you start to tag posts, they'll pop up in your sidebar making it easy to track down anything that you need without a problem.

Journey also offers a Premium version. While the free version is excellent and gives you a great experience, Premium adds Markdown support for additional formatting, along with security features that let you see which device you used the app on last.


There are plenty of great journaling apps out there that make keeping a digital diary easy. Each one is a bit different and it offers different features to let it stand out in the crowd. However many journaling apps hide their best assets behind a paywall, and that's where Journey truly stands out. It gives you tons of options and features for free, and if you decide to go Pro simply expands those options and features.

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