Best Heavy Duty Cases for Pixel 4 Android Central 2021

The Pixel 4 is shaping up to be a great new smartphone filled with a ton of cool new features you're bound to love. But one thing that no one loves is a ruined screen on a brand new phone. We've rounded up the best heavy-duty cases for the Pixel 4, so pick the one that fits your style and budget.

Ringke Fusion-X

Protect and showcase: Ringke Fusion-X

Staff pick

The Ringke Fusion-X offers rugged drop protection with reinforced corners while still letting you show off your Pixel 4 with the rigid clear back panel. This is a great option that would look exceptionally sharp if you managed to snag the orange Pixel 4.

$12 at Amazon
SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Built-in screen protector: SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

A classic, heavy-duty case, the Unicorn Beetle Pro offers full-body protection for the Pixel 4, including a front plate with a built-in screen protector. There's also a pop-out kickstand on the back for hands-free media viewing and an optional belt clip holster if that's your thing.

$20 at Amazon
Tough Armor

Minimalist design: Catalyst Heavy Duty Clear Case

This heavy-duty case has a lot going for it. It's a lightweight clear case that's compatible with wireless charging and Active Edge, and yet has been drop tested to survive from heights of up to 10 feet so you can be sure it will protect your Pixel 4.

$40 at Amazon
Defender Series

Holster included: OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox is synonymous with heavy-duty cases, and sometimes you do get what you pay for. This can withstand just about anything life throws at you, but you may need to turn up Active Edge sensitivity.

$61 at OtterBox
Tudia Merge Series

Classic heavy duty: Tudia Merge Series

Tudia's hybrid case grips your Pixel 4 snugly with a TPU sleeve and added sturdiness from the colorful polycarbonate shell. There are four colors here, but the best of them is the bright blue and warm Rose Gold.

$10 at Amazon
Caseology Legion

Mesmerizing mosaic: Caseology Parallax

Caseology's hybrid case eschews the solid, boring back for the unique cubist pattern that adds some depth and style to your Pixel 4. I'm eager to see the fall festival vibe the Burgundy/Rose Gold gives off with the Orange version.

$14 at Amazon
Tough Armor

Let's kick it: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen's heavy-duty case is always a popular option that offers a built-in kickstand with its rigid shell, while the thicker TPU sleeve is there to absorb most of the shock from drops, so you're phone avoids damage.

$14 at Amazon
Tough Armor

Get a grip!: ZIZO Bolt Series

ZIZO doesn't know how to do a "basic" phone case, so you gotta love grippy accents to get down with their heavy-duty cases. You also get a bonus tempered glass screen protector with this case, and they also include an optional lanyard to sweeten the deal.

$19 at Amazon
Tough Armor

A splash of color: BAISRKE Heavy Duty Marble Case

A common complaint about heavy-duty cases is that they cover up all the colorful goodness of the phone itself. This is true, but this rugged case at least gives you something pretty to look at. It's a triple-layer case that includes a front plate for protection that features the same blue marble pattern.

$13 at Amazon

Save your phone from future drops

The Pixel 4 is an impressive phone packed with features, so you'll want to keep it protected with a heavy-duty case. Of course, there are many more great cases for the smaller Pixel 4, but heavy-duty cases are better suited for anyone who lives an active lifestyle or otherwise knows that they need a rugged case.

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Our top recommendation is the Ringke Fusion X which is a reliably rugged option that's also got the DNA of a clear case. That means you can keep your Pixel 4 well protected while still letting the phone's beauty shine through. Another excellent clear case comes from Catalyst, although it's quite the jump up in price.

I'll also give the nod to the Spigen Tough Armor which is a perennial favorite around these parts. It's mostly a no-frills heavy-duty design except for the pop-out kickstand on the back.

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