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Samsung's 2018 flagship still shines bright in 2019 and a new case can offer a fun new look and feel for your phone while also protecting its future trade-in value. There are a ton of great cases available for the S9 and at much lower prices than when the phones launched. Find the one that fits your protection needs and personal style.

Now that the S9 has been out for 18 months and is well into its life cycle, cases for this former flagship are decently discounted even when it's not Black Friday. This means that there are discounts to be had, though they may not be quite as extreme a discount as we might see for newer cases for the S10 or Note 10. Before you can hunt for a good deal, you need to start with a good cases, and these are some of the best still available today.

Sleek and rugged: Spigen Rugged Armor

Staff pick

Spigen's Rugged Armor is made out of flexible TPU that helps to absorb impacts. There are little pockets of air in the corners to provide added protection.

$13 at Amazon

Samsung's most stylish: Samsung Alcantara Cover

Made of Alcantara, you get a stylish and grippy case that won't add much bulk to the phone. This is a great price for a premium Samsung case!

$15 at Amazon

For OtterBox fans: OtterBox Commuter Series

A pocket-friendly case that still delivers the rugged protection you've come to expect, the Otterbox is a great option if you want a heavy-duty case.

$24 at Amazon

The real deal: MOUS Aramid Carbon Fiber Case

MOUS' case is made out of the same Aramid carbon fiber that is used in bulletproof vests. If that's not your thing, you can choose a walnut or leather back.

$40 at Amazon

Simple, stylish design: Speck Presidio

The Presidio has a nice design with smart features where it counts, like double protection in the corners and a slim profile that's compatible with wireless charging.

$30 at Amazon

Clear and shiny: Spigen Liquid Crystal

The Liquid Crystal is slim and pocket-friendly. It's made of flexible TPU and offers rugged protection while still letting you show off your phone's design.

$11 at Amazon

Old standby: SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

The Unicorn Beetle case has a rugged design with ridges to help with grip, a built-in screen protector, and an optional belt-clip holster.

$20 at Amazon

Lightweight protection: Spigen Thin Fit

Reinforced corners along with a raised lip around the screen ensures this case protects your device without adding too much bulk.

$12 at Amazon

Most minimalist option: RhinoShield CrashGuard

This is a well-designed bumper that's rugged and shock absorbing. It's quick and easy to install and lets you fully show off the design of your phone.

$25 at Amazon

Genuine leather wallet case: Case Mate Wallet Folio

A classic folio design with multiple card slots, a see-through slot for your ID, and a side pocket for storing cash make this a great wallet case.

$14 at Amazon

Slim fit and low price: Maxboost mSnap Perfect Fit

The mSnap case has good little lip around the front so you can put the GS9 face-down on a table, and a soft-touch coating that gives it enough grip.

$5 at Amazon

Keep it clear: BodyGuardz Ace Fly

BodyGuardz offers a clear case that's built using the same impact gel used in padding and helmet technology for athletes, and you get lifetime warranty.

$35 at Amazon

Super slim: VRS Design Clear Slim

This is a clear case that shows off the body of the Galaxy S9 with a shockproof bumper available in the exact color to match your device.

$11 at Amazon

Dual-layer protection: Caseology Legion Series

The Legion has a layer of flexible a shock-absorbing TPU with an outer layer of polycarbonate. You're protected from hard bumps, shocks and drops.

$13 at Amazon

Fan favorite: Ringke Fusion

This Fusion clear case includes a handy wrist strap built-in. Whether or not you want to use the wrist strap is up to you, but it's a thoughtful addition.

$11 at Amazon

Find the case that's right for you

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a fantastic device that should last you for many years if you keep it in good condition. There's a ton of great case options out there whether you want something thin and minimalist or something more flashy and functional.

While we've given you a ton of options here to choose from, if I had to pick one I would have to recommend the Spigen Rugged Armor case that delivers solid protection in a slim form factor that preserves the sleekness of the Galaxy S9's design.

However, Samsung's Alcantera cases is a firmly affordable luxury case these days. While Alcantera may be better known for Microsoft devices these days, it does make for a heck of a good feel in the hand, so long as you aren't prone to using your phone with dirty or greasy hands.

Buying cases on Black Friday

Because the S9 has been out for a while, there could be some deeper discounts on S9 cases for 2019 Black Friday Deals aimed at clearing out remaining inventory, especially at physical stores like Best Buy and Target that may need to make room for newer phone cases. So while these kinds of deals won't be as widely noticed and shared as huge price cuts on new phones and TVs, they will almost certainly be around.

Case manufacturers will also be posting up deals on their individual sites for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but most of these deals won't match the price cuts we're seeing normally for 18-month cases. If you wanted a custom case from a vendor like Redbubble or Skinit, the sitewide discounts we see for these sites will probably be as good a deal as you will ever see for these cases again. However, for off-the-shelf cases like Spigen, Supcase, and Samsung's first-party cases, prices may or may not be any better than the average on Black Friday, so check prices early and often!

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