Best Galaxy Note 10+ Screen Protectors 2022

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in hand
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in hand (Image credit: Android Central)

For the first time, Samsung is releasing a Plus-sized version of its larger Galaxy Note phones. This release means an even larger screen option for those interested in the latest in the Note series. That also means more display real estate to protect from scuffs and scratches. Don't let your display get damaged by your daily use; keep your Galaxy Note 10+ protected with a screen protector! Oh, and don't forget to pick up one of the best Galaxy Note 10+ cases.

Best Galaxy Note 10+ screen protectors

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Don't risk scuffing up your brand new Galaxy Note 10+ by forgoing a screen protector. All it takes is one little scratch, and suddenly it's all you'll see when you use your phone. It's super distracting and more than a little depressing when it inevitably happens, but there's a simple fix. Use a screen protector as soon as you pull your phone out of the box.

Our top pick is the IQ Shield Screen Protector. This easy-to-apply smart film keeps your Note 10+ screen looking fantastic, and the best part is that you'll hardly notice it at all!

You also can't go wrong with Whitestone Dome's excellent tempered glass screen protector. It may be expensive, but it's worth it to ensure a clean install and long-term protection.

For those interested in film screen protectors, I would recommend the Spigen NeoFlex 2-pack. Spigen is a trusted brand, and it designed its screen protectors to be fully compatible with cases. And let's be real, if you're using a screen protector, chances are you're also going to use a case for your Note 10+.

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