Best drawing tablets 2024

The best drawing tablets combine the fluidity and versatility of freehand drawing with the precision of digital graphics. You need a tablet with the right stylus, pressure sensitivity, multi-touch display, screen size, low latency, and other specs to make your drawing experience as effortless as possible. We've chosen the most popular and well-reviewed models, both for specialized drawing tablets and all-around excellent tablets that support drawing apps.

For casual artists and distinguished professionals alike

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Draw on with these great drawing tablets

The best drawing tablet for one person will differ from the next, depending on your seriousness as an artist, your budget, and whether or not you'll want to use it for non-artistic purposes. For a dedicated tablet for doodling or professional art, Wacom is a reliable brand to being your search.

The Wacom One is simple yet intuitive — perfect for beginners and intermediate graphic artists. The stylus doesn't need to be charged, so no unexpected delays when inspiration strikes, and the surface friction will make the 13.3-inch display feel like a true paper canvas. Professionals, meanwhile, will probably prefer the more robust Wacom Cintiq with a massive 22-inch display, improved pen tech for more accurate pressure sensing, and a wider color gamut. Plus, register either tablet and you'll get access to free trials of some of the best drawing apps.

If you want to explore your artistic talent but aren't sure if you want a tablet just for art, we recommend picking one of the best Android tablets, which usually have beautiful displays, accurate styluses, and the processing power to handle high-end graphic design apps easily—but are also designed for casual use. Our Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra review shows the power and versatility of this beastly tablet. Though we recommend the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus for most people, serious artists will benefit from the Tab S8 Ultra for the simple reason that the upgrade gives you an extra 2.2 inches of screen space for your sketches.

Then again, some artists would prefer an accessory to their current devices over a whole new device for drawing. If you want something to connect to a PC or Mac, the XP-Pen IPS Drawing Monitor sports great pen pressure sensitivity and transmits your drawings to the connected computer. If you'd prefer something that's not quite so expensive, you can pair the XP-PEN Star G640 with a computer or a phone, or the One By Wacom with a Chromebook.

Jaclyn Kilani