Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 3 in 2022

The Google Pixel 3 is a beautifully crafted phone with a thin profile and an iconic look. It's only natural you'd want to show that off, but the Pixel 3 is also a phone with a glass back, so you should really, really get a case on it. Thankfully, clear cases can keep your phone safe while showing it off for all the world to see.

Clear cases can be durable

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Once upon a time, clear cases were seen as lesser cases because they weren't as durable or heavy-duty as your usual hybrid cases. Honestly though, clear cases are my favorite because they let me show off my Pixel's beauty while protecting it from scratches and adding grip. The Spigen Liquid Crystal remains the gold standard for clear cases as a durable, dependable, and affordable option that will let you show off the Pixel 3's two-tone loveliness.

If you want to go a little outside the box, get ruggedly handsome with the Ringke Fusion-X. The translucent Ruby Red version is beautiful and plays well with all three colors of the Pixel 3, and the air cushioned bumpers give you a bit more drop protection as well as a more distinct look.

Ara Wagoner

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