Best cheap cases for OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 is an inexpensive phone, but you of course still want to protect it. That being said, you might want to match what you spent on the phone to what you'll spend on a case, relatively speaking.

So, if you're not in for the expensive, bulletproof cases, then opt for one (or all) of our favorite cheap cases for the OnePlus 3. Cheap doesn't have to mean bad!

TUDIA slim-fit Heavy Duty Extreme

TUDIA Slim-fit Heavy Duty Extreme

Even though you're opting for an inexpensive case, that's no reason to skimp on protection. The TUDIA slim-fit Heavy Duty Extreme comprises two layers: an inner layer of shock-absorbing TPU and an outer layer of hard polycarbonate.

You have raised edges around the front of your phone to protect the screen when you place it face-down, and you've got a raised edge around the camera lens so that you won't be taking photos of just cracks any time soon.

This case's cutouts are quite precise, so you won't have to worry about taking it off to charge or take photos, and it fits snugly, making that TPU inner layer more effective.

The Heavy Duty Extreme comes in matte black, metallic slate, mint, and rose, so choose one to match your style.

If you want an expensive case feel with great protection for around $13, then the TUDIA Heavy Duty Extreme is the case you want.

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Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen just makes great cases. I've had an used quite a few of them and they always fit just right. The Rugged Armor case is the perfect blend of solid protection and a slim fit that doesn't add much bulk or weight to the OnePlus 3.

Some cases, especially those with polycarbonate backs, can be slippery to hold, but the Spigen Rugged Armor case is made entirely of soft TPU, with a textured feel that's easy to hang on to.

The inside of the case has a spiderweb design, which disperses impact around the entire case, and each corner employs Spigen's "Air Cushion technology," which leaves a pocket of air between the phone and the case, again in order to disperse impact. If you've ever dropped a naked phone on its corner, you'll understand why this is very important.

If you're looking for solid protection and a non-slip, textured phone case, then the Spigen Rugged Armor is a great way to go.

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Love Ying Crystal Clear Ultra

Love Ying

If you'd like to add a little pizzazz to your OnePlus 3 — but not too much — the Love Ying Crystal Clear Ultra series of cases is a great minimalist option for something inexpensive yet effective.

These Love Ying cases are made of soft TPU and protect your OnePlus 3 from dirt, dust, scratches, and bumps. These are the most rugged cases but will protect your phone from everyday wear and tear.

Coming in mint, purple, clear, and pink, they add a lovely translucent color to your phone, so you can appreciate its design while adding a splash of personality.

Be aware that TPU can turn yellow over time, due to the way it absorbs sunlight, but that shouldn't be for quite a while, so grab a few of these cases (they're only around $7) and enjoy!

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OnePlus Protective Cases

One Plus Protective Case

Manufacturers may not make the coolest cases for their phones, but they at least usually fit pretty well. That being said, the OnePlus Protective cases from OnePlus are cool as hell!

You have five different case materials to choose from: Sandstone, Karbon, Black Apricot, Rosewood, and Bamboo, and they're all made from the materials after which they're named, mixed with kevlar (except sandstone – it's polycarbonate)! First off, who's ever even heard of Black Apricot, let alone had a phone case made out of it? Second, these cases are very lightweight and snap on easily, protecting the back and sides of your phone from bumps and scratches.

The top and bottom of the your OnePlus 3 are left open, so you don't have to worry about the cutouts being precise or not and removing the case is that much easier.

The cases range in price from $19.95 (Sandstone) to $24.95 (the rest), which is quite inexpensive when you consider what other phone manufacturer's charge for proprietary cases.

If you want a case that's unique, made of something other than TPU, silicone, or polycarbonate, and rather stylish, then grab one from OnePlus. It'll fit your phone well and you know people are going to ask you about it!

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Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit

Cruzerlite's Bugdroid Circuit case is a quirky and fun TPU case that features the Android Bugdroid (of course, he's Lloyd here at AC) on the back, with a sort of circuit board pattern. It's a great case for diehard Android fans and folks who are looking for a lightweight case that won't fatten up their OnePlus 3 too much.

This case comes in black, blue, clear, green, orange, red, smoke, and teal, so you'll be able to find one that matches your personal style.

As far as phone cases go, this one is a pretty run-of-the-mill TPU shell, but the design is really cool and the softer cases are better for shock absorption. Plus, they're only around $10, which is why they're one of the best cheap cases you can find for the OnePlus 3!

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Ringke Fusion

Ringke Fusion

The Ringke Fusion offers versatility in its design, with soft TPU around the edges and a hard polycarbonate back, expertly protecting your OnePlus 3 from all manner of scratches, scuffs, and bumps.

The clear back of the case means you get to admire the metal composition of your phone, but if you so choose, Ringke sends along a DIY template (basically a piece of cardboard) that helps you shape photos or images that you print out so that they fit perfectly in your case. Boom, you have a custom phone case design that you can switch out as often as you like!

You have your choice of two edge accents: Crystal View or Smoke Black.

The Ringke Fusion starts around $12 and is perfect for anyone looking to bridge the gap between a rugged case and a minimalist case.

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What's on your phone?

What inexpensive case did you pick up for your OnePlus 3? Was it worth it to go the cheap route? Sound off in the comments below!

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