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Smart TVs are plentiful, but finding ones that are powered by Android TV can be a chore — especially if you're working with a smaller budget. Cheap Android TVs just aren't that popular in the U.S., but if you do a bit of digging, you can still find some pretty great options. We've done the hard work for you and rounded up our top picks for the best cheap Android TVs available right now in 2020 — our favorite of which is the Hisense 55H8G Quantum Series.

Best Overall: Hisense 55H8G Quantum Series

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The market for cheap Android TVs is more varied than you might think, but among everything out there, there's one model that sticks out above everything else — the Hisense 55H8G Quantum Series. This is one of the newer Android TVs to hit the scene, and it packs quite a punch.

Starting first with the display, we'd recommend the 55-inch size, which strikes a nice balance of offering plenty of room for all of your content without being too much. Alternatively, it's also available in 50, 65, and 75-inch options. The 4K resolution means everything is as crisp as can be, with HDR and Dolby Vision allowing for the best colors possible. Hisense also includes its Motion Rate 240 feature that smooths the motion of what you're watching for a more fluid viewing experience. You can turn it off if it bothers you, but if it's something you happen to be a fan of, it's here if you want it.

As for the rest of the TV, you'll find a total of four HDMI ports (one of which is HDMI ARC), Dolby Atmos support, full array local dimming, and very slim bezels. Performance can be a little slow at times and the remote isn't the most gorgeous we've ever seen, but those are pretty minor complaints in the grand scheme of things.

Considering just how good the 55H8G looks and the price Hisense is asking, this is a TV you don't want to pass up on.


  • 4K display looks outstanding
  • Support for HDR and Dolby Vision
  • Motion Rate 240
  • Four HDMI ports
  • Slim bezels


  • Cumbersome remote
  • So-so performance

Best Overall

Hisense 55H8G Quantum Series

Great picture, great price

With 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, and quantum dot technology, the Hisense 55H8G delivers an outstanding picture at an excellent price.

Best Alternative: Hisense 55H8F

Hisense 55H8FSource: Hisense

If the 55H8G is a little too rich for your blood but you want a pretty similar experience to what it offers, the older 55H8F model is a great alternative.

The 55H8F also gives you a roomy 55-inch screen that's plenty big for all of your movies, TV shows, and games without being overwhelming. If you'd rather, you can also get the TV in a 50 or 65-inch model. In regards to picture quality, Hisense is using its ULED technology that aims to offer increased color, contrast, and brightness.

The 55H8F supports 4K video, Dolby Vision HDR, HDR10, and has a full array local dimming system with Hisense's Motion Rate 240 feature that promises super smooth playback for everything — especially high-action scenes.

Some owners have complained about weak built-in speakers and the CPU being a little slow at times, but for the price, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal.


  • Not too big, not too small
  • 4K ULED
  • Dolby Vision HDR + HDR10
  • Full array local dimming


  • Weak built-in speakers
  • OK performance

Best Alternative

Hisense 55H8F

A close runner-up

The Hisense 55H8F is a TV that offers high-end features at a great price. It has a 55-inch ULED screen, supports 4K video, and HDR10.

Best Value: Skyworth E20300

Skyworth E20300Source: Skyworth

This entire article is devoted to TVs that offer a good value, and one of the best in these regards is the Skyworth E20300. While the E20300 does cut some corners, it stands out as one of the best options for people that want to spend as little as possible.

For its wonderfully low price, the E20300 offers a 40-inch LED screen with a resolution of 1080p Full HD. The lack of 4K is a bummer, but at this price, is to be expected. If you want more options, Skyworth also offers 32, 50, 55, and 65-inch models.

Powering the E20300 is an Infinity A53 quad-core processor, which Skyworth says allows for fast app loading times and smooth gameplay. The design of the TV is also nice, featuring a clean and minimalistic aesthetic that should hold up to the test of time quite nicely.

You can obviously spend more money and get a TV that's more impressive, but when it comes to value, the E20300 knocks it out of the park.


  • Frameless design
  • Great for smaller rooms
  • LCD display technology
  • Quad-core processor
  • Two HDMI ports


  • Max resolution of 1080p Full HD
  • 40 inches might be too small for some people

Best Value

Skyworth E20300

Stretch your dollar even further

Want a lot of bang-for-your-buck? The Skyworth E20300 TV is for you. You get a frameless design, 1080p resolution, and a quad-core processor.

Best Dirt Cheap: Hisense 32H5500F

Hisense 32H5500FSource: Hisense

We'd consider all of the TVs on this list to be relatively cheap, but if you're looking for something that'll cost you the absolute bare minimum, you'll want to turn your attention towards the Hisense 32H5500F. This isn't the most technically impressive television on the market, but it does have a price tag that's tough to beat.

As the name suggests, the 32H5500F comes with a 32-inch screen with a max resolution of 720p HD. That's the smallest size and lowest resolution you'll find on this list, but if you just want a basic TV for casual use, this will get the job done. That said, you do benefit from Motion Rate 120 for ultra-smooth images and DTS Studio Sound with the two 6W speakers that are built-in. It's also worth noting that there is a 40-inch version if you want to spend a little more.

The Hisense 32H5500F delivers the full Android TV experience, allowing you to download all of your favorite apps, stream content to it from your phone using Chromecast, and talk to the Google Assistant. You can spend a bit more money for more impressive televisions, but if you really need to keep costs low, this is one that should be on your shortlist.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Offers the full Android TV experience
  • Compact size is great for smaller rooms
  • Motion Rate 120


  • Only 720p HD
  • Two HDMI ports

Best Dirt Cheap

Hisense 32H5500F

Spend as little as possible

If you're really trying to keep costs low, the Hisense 32H5500F is a competent television that gets the job done.

Best Small Screen: Sony X800H (43-Inch)

Sony X800HSource: Sony

While big TVs seem to be all the rage, there's an argument to be made for smaller sets, too. They take up less space, are easier to fit in smaller rooms, and have a sharper picture quality since the pixels aren't being stretched across such a large area. If a small TV is what you're after, we'd recommend going with the Sony X800H.

This particular model has a screen that measures in at 43-inches and uses LED technology. Picture quality goes up to 4K Ultra HD, HDR support is here, and Sony's X1 feature upscales content to near-4K quality so everything you see is razor crisp. Also present is Sony Triluminos Display, which is image processing tech that helps boost colors and gradation for a more vibrant and engaging image. As if that wasn't enough, the X800H supports Dolby Vision, too. (While we're highlighting the 43-inch version of the X800H, you can also get it as a 49, 55, 65, 75, or 85-inch TV).

You've got access to four HDMI ports to plug in all of your consoles and streaming boxes, in addition to two USB ports. The X800H is also quite smart, offering support for Alexa, AirPlay 2, and Apple HomeKit — in addition to being powered by Android TV and offering Google Assistant access with it.

This isn't the best screen size-to-dollar ratio out there, but if you're after a compact television that looks as good as possible, this is a fantastic option.


  • Lovely compact size
  • Native 4K with upscaling tech
  • HDR and Dolby Vision
  • Google Assistant, Alexa, and AirPlay 2
  • Four HDMI ports


  • Fairly high price for the display size

Best Small Screen

Sony X800H (43-Inch)

A tiny screen that looks incredible

If you want a small TV, the Sony X800H gives you a 43-inch display, native 4K, HDR, and plenty of HDMI ports at a price that's hard to argue with.

Best Picture Quality: Sony Bravia X750H

Sony Bravia X750H LifestyleSource: Sony

Our last pick on the list is one that may not be the absolute best value, but when it comes to cheap Android TVs, it's one of the best-looking out there. It's the Sony Bravia X750H, and in regards to picture quality, it's a beast.

Along with a 55-inch screen size, you're getting a 4K Ultra HD resolution with support for HDR 10. Similar to the other Sony TV we talked about above, this one also uses the company's Triluminous Display technology for more vibrant and impactful colors. The X1 processor and X-Reality Pro feature allow HD content to be upscaled to 4K, and if you want everything you watch to be buttery smooth, you can use Motionflow XR 240. If you want a bigger picture, the X750H also comes in a 75-inch flavor.

The rest of the TV experienece is just as great, with the Bravia X750H delivering three HDMI ports, a simple design, and direct backlighting.

This is a TV that reaches the tiptop of the phrase "cheap," but considering everything it brings to the table, this is a bargain.


  • 4K HDR 10 picture quality
  • Sony's excellent Triluminos display tech
  • Motionflow XR 240
  • Has three HDMI ports
  • Clean, simple design


  • Stretches the definition of "cheap"

Best Picture Quality

Sony Bravia X750H

A truly incredible picture

In the market for a cheap Android TV that looks fantastic? The Sony Bravia X750H delivers a premium all-around experience that's tough to beat.

Bottom line

Buying a cheap Android TV can be a challenge. You don't want to buy something so low-cost that it'll fall apart on you in a week, and when you combine that with the lack of Android TV support from a lot of companies, your work is instantly cut out for you. Thankfully, the Hisense 55H8G Quantum Series stands out as something special.

It's a TV from a company you know and trust with all of the features you could want. The 55-inch screen size is perfect, the 4K resolution looks great, and the awesome quantom dot tech and HDR support make things that much better.

We're impressed with just how much Hisense is offering for such a low price, and if you're in the market for a cheap television running Android TV, this is likely your best bet.

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