Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in 2022

There aren't a ton of great Android tablets options out there, but one of the best is still the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Sure there's a newer model out, but the Tab S3 is still a solid choice that's cheaper than ever. With all that you can do with this top-tier Samsung tablet, you're going to want to get a case to keep it protected for unexpected drops. Here are your best case options for the Galaxy Tab S3!

Protect your tablet with a reliable case!

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Why get the Tab S3 when there's the newer Tab S4 (opens in new tab) out? Well, the Tab S3 still delivers a great tablet experience that includes the almighty S Pen along expandable storage and all the other hardware features we've all come to expect from Samsung.

Even though it's older, you're still going to want to protect it. The last thing you want is your tablets slipping off a counter and crashing to the ground, so even if you only use your tablet around the house it's still worth investing in a reliable case.

Our top pick is the BRAECNstock Hybrid Protective Shield (opens in new tab), which is one of the most rugged cases you can buy for the Galaxy Tab S3. The best feature is the rotating handstrap on the back that makes it easy to carry your tablet around your home worry-free about it slipping out of your hand and taking damage.

Maybe you're looking for a case that adds the functionality of a Bluetooth keyboard. Samsung's Keyboard Cover (opens in new tab) is our top recommendation here because Samsung always does such a great job accessorizing its own products. Of course, the Fintie Keyboard Case (opens in new tab) is your other worthwhile keyboard case that's available for a fraction of the price as Samsung's option.

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  • The best case is the one that fits the original Tab S. Better aspect ratio (IMO) with higher resolution & pixel density. Thanks Samsung for moving backwards avoiding tempting me to spend money to "upgrade."
  • I feel the newer ones are better for overall use with the 4:3 aspect and buttons being moved to the side when holding it landscape, but there's no denying the original Tab S was and still is Samsungs best tablet for media consumption.
  • High five still proud owner of the tab s. However it's laggy but screen is still awesome
  • +1, Also still use the Tab S 10.5, although now just for media viewing, even now still an amazing Samsung panel
  • I was looking less for protection, and more to make all that brushed aluminium and stupid glass less slippery, so I grabbed this- For $9, I no longer have to deal with the tablet slipping off my lap every time I move slightly.
  • Totally agree. I got the same LK Ultra case but in black for my Tab S3.
  • Fintie has the best case in my opinion. Because it's slick and slim, and has a place where you can keep your pen low key
  • I have the slim Finite case ( It's just so simple and clean, and holds the S-pen.
  • I have the Moko, love the design but it seems to be a bit fragile. I've had my tablet since mid-late October and the case since November and the case has some cracks in it, one of the closure magnets is now coming out of the case and the microfiber on the cover is starting to peel. However, I still have a second example of the same case waiting to go on it, it's a cheap case and has seen a bit of abuse so the $11 was worth it, even twice, but I might consider something else next time around. I also have a TPU case that doesn't get much use but it seems like a good cover to protect the back glass.
  • I use the keyboard case from Samsung with the POGO connectors. It gets the job done. Sturdy mount and reliable keyboard. I bluetooth my PC mouse to the tablet and for basic e-mail / web browsing / media consumption this beats carrying around a laptop.
  • I have an i-Blason HALO case on mine for the last year+
    Survived drops more than I can count...this thing is practically mil-spec.
    And the gold color on the metal looks almost brand new. I use it carrying around on all day gets thrown on the seat of my car.
    This is a bargain.