Best Cases for Nokia 2 Android Central 2021

Now that you have your Nokia 2 you want to make sure it's protected. Another bonus when looking for phone cases is to see if it has the ability to serve as a useful tool for your daily life as well. Sometimes that means sacrificing a bit of the extra protection you might get with other cases, but that is worth it to some of us.

Continue on below to weigh your options for these phenomenal phone cases to see which one is the best for you!

Tank of a Case: Linkertech Tough Case

This case comes in two parts, where the inner piece is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and the outer piece is a hard plastic that clips onto it, all for the benefit of the protecting the Nokia 2. Kickstand included.

$8 at Amazon

Your New Wallet: Feitenn Wallet Case

Here we have the iconic phone case that also serves as a wallet. There is TPU inside of the case that is sealed in with leather, which should suffice for most protection needs. The X-factor is its ability to double as your wallet.

$8 at Amazon

Slim Picking: Dretal Carbon Fiber

Dretal's Nokia 2 case offers a decent amount of protection in an almost-unnoticeable design. KuGi SS has a thin layer of TPU coated with a soft material to ensure your case will be almost as thin as your phone and slick to the touch.

$8 at Amazon

Blue Streak: NageBee Brushed Case

NageBee is known for striking designs and this brushed dual-layer tough case is no different. It takes on a brushed metal feel, and NageBee adds another dimension by layering other patterns on top. It covers up your charging ports and buttons, and also comes with a tempered glass screen protector.

$10 at Amazon

Thin is in: OEAGO Ultra Slim Case

If you just need something simple to be the first line of defense, the OEAGO case is cheap and does exactly that. You can get it in a few different colors, and its matte finish ensures it won't go flying out of your hands too often.

$6 at Amazon

Personal Touch: Harryshell TPU Case

Looking for something a little different? The Harryshell TPU case comes in three unique styles, one akin to a kaleidoscope, a floral pattern, and a dream catcher.

$8 at Amazon

Your Nokia 2 can be protected, look good, and even offer some utility depending on which case you're after. We like the NageBee Brushed Case's unique design and overall protection capabilities, and the included tempered glass screen protector makes it an excellent value.

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