Best Buy Mobile's 'Free Phone Fridays' with Samsung Fascinate, HTC Aria

Best Buy has announced a new promotion that will occur every Friday in October that will have a phone on each major U.S. carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) on sale for the low, low price of free. Taking advantage of "Free Phone Fridays"requires a "new, upgrade, or add-a-line activation with two-year agreement." The promise is for at least one "high-end, in-demand" smartphone per week, but things will kick off this Friday with a dual helping of the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon and the HTC Aria on AT&T.  Hit the read link for more details, as well as the phones for Sprint and T-Mobile. [Best Buy Mobile]

Kyle Gibb
  • This is interesting, this deal is the day after verizon takes off the b1g1 sale of the fascinate. I am going to pick my two fascinates up on thursday. I can't risk best buy being out of stock and having to pay full price for two of them.
  • Wow... sprint gets a free blackberry curve... REALLY?! Isn't that free everyday of the week? They could've at least given a bold to make it more interesting... thanks, but NO THANKS!
  • This is only the 1st week, im sure they'll have something nice out for sprint as well in the following weeks of this promotion.
  • Waiting for a free Epic or Evo.
  • Waiting for a free droid X here WOOHOO !!
  • Looks like I'll be taking my Fascinate back to Verizon and putting those $200 + tax back in my pocket.
  • Thinking I should return mine to Verizon as well. Just hoping it is not subject to a bunch of mail in rebates.
  • Best Buy Mobile does not do mail in rebates, so when they say it is free, it is free with no hidden charges.
  • giving the fascinate away cause it sucks, no google, its all bing. why would someone want a google phone without google?
  • The fascinate is awesome. Best screen and battery life I have ever had on a smartphone. And I have added googlemaps so that is all good. Just use a browser bookmark for search so Bing doesn't bother me at all.
  • This has been addressed already here:
  • Waiting for the X or DInc.
  • This promotion will benefit VZW the best...considering they have the best "high-end" phones especially when it comes down to Android.(droid, Droid 2, x, dinc, fascinate...etc) I don't see Sprint giving out free evos and epics... probably a bunch of crackberries...which I'll probably use to upgrade my second line in December...
  • I was trying to think of some way I could get this phone with the bogo even though my wife's line (the secondary) can't upgrade until January. I'm going to go get this for me on Friday, and then in a couple months buy one for the wife. It's kinda like a bogo, but in reverse, and with a large delay. This makes me want to fist pump in the air. Oh what the hell... PUMP!!
  • lol this had be laughing, buy one get one but instead you get it free first than buy it later. ha ha
  • Someone explain this please, I currently am eligible for a new every 2 since July on my primary line and my wife is eligible since Jan. on the secondary line. Are we both eligible for free phones or just the primary?? These are not new lines just a 2 yr continuation of my current contract?? Thanks
  • Yes, you are both eligible for upgrades !! go get some phones !! lol
  • So Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T have smartphones for free and T-Mobile gives away a dumbphone for free? I thought the advertisement said "high end".
  • Hey if you ran a month-long special you wouldn't want to put all your top phones out on the first week ! you still got 4 more Fridays after this one.
  • Also returning my Fascinate this week to Verizon; just bought it last Saturday. They will be seeing ALOT of returns this week... I spoke with someone from Verizon last night and she said if you return the phone, the rebate card is billed to your account. In other words, you owe VZN 100 bucks for the debit card inevitably arriving in your mailbox... ...but a 35 dollar restock fee is well worth it; the phone is awesome.
    The Bing debacle is so overdone, what a easy fix; haven't seen it since day one.
  • So my phone (a Hero) is eligible for Sprint Premier upgrade in October. I've only had the phone for a year. Do I qualify for "upgrade"?
  • The girl I talked to said it would reflect nearly in real time. I'm returning mine Thursday night, and will call when I get home to confirm; if it hasn't updated by Friday she said to call and everything could be worked out. I'm more concerned about the post above regarding upgrades paying 149.99.
    The BBY I called had no idea what I was talking about, nor did the VRN customer service rep I spoke with.
  • Anyone know how fast you upgrade goes back into VZW's system after you return your phone. Just wondering if I should take it back on thursday so it has a day to process.
  • So I called Best Buy on this and they said upgrading lines did NOT get the free price but a price of $149 instead. If anyone else has asked please chime in as I was about to jump on this.
  • Sorry guys, but I went in today to get the Aria and the way it's being run is one provider per week. Today is the T-Mobile Gravity and next week will be a different provider with the phone they said they would use. You can call in the day before and find out because they are apparently only being told the day before they are launching the phone of the week. Or that's what I was told
  • Wrong.. it was all 4 providers.. I got my Fascinate yesterday and I'm in love with it, can't wait for the dev community to start working on custom ROMs.. I'd love to have Sense on there, thats the only thing I'm missing from my Incredible. While I was there someone bought an Aria AT&T and the Curve on Sprint for free. So next week, it'll be 3/4 new phones, since T-Mobile isn't a player around here, there was no T-Mobile for my store. You'll have to watch their facebook/twitter pages for Best Buy Mobile to find out the day before next friday. If they give away something else that I like more than the Fascinate, i'll be taking it back and exchanging.. even though I've already rooted, de-Bing'd the phone :)
  • Well I went to bestbuy on friday and got the samsung. I didn't pay anything at all in the store. Kool thing is if the droid x goes on sale with this promotion I can return this phone and get the droid x for free. Cant beat that deal.