Best BlackBerry Phone Android Central 2021

There aren't that many BlackBerry phones available anymore. When TCL took over the manufacturing of BlackBerry's handsets, it decided to focus on why people bought the phones back in the late 2000s: keyboard, battery life, and BlackBerry Hub integration. While there are only two options we recommend, they're still some of the best that have ever come out for the brand.

BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry's finest: BlackBerry KEY2

The KEY2 is not only the best BlackBerry you can buy today, it's one of the finest ever built. The legendary keyboard and focus on security and connectivity are alive and well, and Android as the base operating system means you can choose from over a million applications. You'll love the premium build, exceptional battery life and iconic style of the KEY2.

$699 at Amazon
BlackBerry Key2 LE

An affordable option: BlackBerry KEY2 LE

Slightly smaller than it's namesake, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE delivers the same great keyboard and security services you've come to trust from BlackBerry at a price that you'll love. The KEY2 LE is BlackBerry's "every day" phone for everyone.

$459 at Amazon

Gone but not forgotten

Long gone are the days when BlackBerry made dozens of different models and configurations, but the best ideas are still alive and well with the BlackBerry KEY2 and BlackBerry KEY2 LE. Anyone looking for a device that supports all of Android's features but has BlackBerry's style and history inside still has options.

While BlackBerry chugged along long after most of its relevance died out, the company announced that it's no longer making phones. Luckily, the last two models put out are the best Android-powered BlackBerrys and still available. TCL, which picked up the rights to produce BlackBerry phones in 2016, will stop manufacturing them in August 2020, but support will continue until August 31, 2022.

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