Well everybody, we survived another week. It was hard, and at times we couldn't tell if we would make it, but here we are. For all of the trials and tribulations, we have these, the five very best Android apps to hit the Google Play Store in the last seven days. This week was dominated by stuff for the artistic types delving in photography, drawing, and video, though there's one handy new utility tucked away in the batch.

Stick around, because tomorrow will be running through the best Android games launched over the last week.


Afterlight for Android

Afterlight is a great new app for Android photographers. Afterlight enjoys a ton of popularity on iOS thanks adjustable filters, fine-tuning tools, textures, and cut-out frames. For $0.99 you get 59 filters, 66 textures, and 77 artistic frames. If those aren't enough, you can always pick up more through in-app purchases. Afterlight is particularly well-suited for sharing snaps out to Instagram, though you can export your final compositions however you like. Serious Instagrammers will want to see what all the fuss about Afterlight is about.

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Corel Painter Mobile

The main focus is on a wide range of brush types, though Painter Mobile also has layer support, symmetry tools, and all of the usual functions you'd expect. Creations can be exported directly into the desktop app, or in standard formats like JPG and PNG. 16 brushes are included in the free version, or you can get the full 70 with a $4.99 upgrade. If you find yourself doing some drawing on your tablet with a stylus once in awhile, give Painter Mobile a shot and see if it strikes your fancy.


TapPath is a simple and refreshingly useful app for offering multiple actions for how many times you tap a web link. For example, one tap can launch LinkBubble, two can launch into Chrome, or three can launch it to the share menu, although all of those defaults can be changed around within the app.

If you weren't entirely sold on Link Bubble, or you just want more flexibility with your mobile web browsing, TapPath has what you need..


The beta for HTC's video highlight creation and sharing app was released in the Google Play Store this week. As before, users could plop in short video clips and still images to create themed videos, and there's a baked-in social network so you can follow friends and they can follow you. Now friends can remix one anothers' creations, adding their own shots and making something even awesomererer.

Though it's still early, now anyone with something other than an HTC handset can check out what's happening with Zoe. We've got a closer look at the new Zoe app here if you want more info.


Why stick with the filters a photography app gives you? Vibrance lets you cook up your own with a wide selection of adjustments. Once you import your image, you can set the opacity for the filter being applied, then set up to ten colors to be filtered, each with their own saturation, contrast, and brightness values. Once you're happy with the filter, it can be applied to the photo then cropped and exported.

If you're bored with preset filters in your current photography apps, Vibrance will be a playground.

Your favorite new Android apps?

It's a big Google Play Store, with lots of new Android apps coming out all the time. These are the best ones we've spotted, but we're eager to here from you. Leave a comment with your favorite new releases. Sit tight for the best Android games of the week, we'll be diving into those tomorrow.