Angry Birds Stella

We've got some great new Android games and Android apps to kick off September. There's a stealth game from Sony to check out, a smattering of productivity apps, and plenty more in between.

If you're ready to go, take a gander at our top ten Android apps released this week.

Bio Inc.

Bio Inc. is an insidious medical game where players are trying to infect a person's various bodily systems with a deadly disease. Players can target the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, muscular, renal, skeletal, and immune systems in different ways, all based on real medical conditions. There are 12 different types of people to infect, each with their own different physical characteristics that make ruining their immune system progressively more difficult. Three different difficulty levels are available for each one. New risk factors can be introduced as the player collects bio points, and recovery can be slowed by investing in other factors. Though Bio Inc. is decidedly inspired by the pandemic-scale Plague Inc., it does offer a new scope and an interesting twist on the established formula.

Bio Inc. is a dark and detailed sim game that's a perfect follow-up for those that have had their fill of Plague Inc.

Back to Bed

Back to Bed is a surreal puzzle game akin to Monument Valley. Players have to guide Bob, the hapless sleepwalker, from the beginning of a stage to bed through M.C. Escher-style impossible architecture. There's some truly bizarre imagery to soak in among the fairly standard puzzle gameplay, least of all being your primary character, Subob, who is a turqoise human-faced dog representing Bob's subconscious and moves a giant apple around to alter his sleepwalking course.

Back to Bed is a great imagining of the weird things that go on in our heads.


CounterSpy is a fantastic side-scrolling stealth game about disarming Russian nukes in the Cold War. Levels are randomly generated, and rely on sneaking around oblivious guards and surgically shooting out cameras to reach your objective. Over time, you steal enough top secret research to upgrade your weapons and unlock new equipment. Intuitive and simple controls have been adapted elegantly from the console version of the game for mobile. Finally, CounterSpy's exaggerated, cel-shaded art style is absolutely great and befitting the retro feel.


Rote is a simple, elegant puzzle game where players move a shape (an icosahedron, if we're getting specific) through a maze of boxes. You'll have to shove those boxes in the right order to clear a path to the next stage. Full rows of color-matching boxes move at the same time, which makes things tricky. There are 30 stages all told, many with helpful (or at least interesting) blurbs of text in the margins. Though that might not sound like much to chew on, Rote can get very challenging. There are zero in-app purchases, which means no extra levels or hints to rely on.