Best Monitors for Raspberry Pi 2022

Raspberry Pi 400
Raspberry Pi 400 (Image credit: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central)

Most RPi4 or Raspberry Pi 400 owners pair their new kits with one of the best Raspberry Pi screens, prioritizing touch controls and portability over display size. What you may not know is both systems support dual monitor output for up to 4K resolution at 60Hz, making them great as DIY media centers or retro gaming consoles. Whether you care more about resolution, refresh rate, color fidelity, or other specs, here are the best monitors for the Raspberry Pi.

4K native / dual output

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A Raspberry Pi makes for a great media streamer or game console, and the addition of native 4K and 60 frames per second (FPS) means you'll love it even more. It's why you can build your own Chromebox with a Raspberry Pi 400 or install Kodi to your Pi for a cheap 4K media center; or, you can install RetroPie and access some nifty game emulators.

You deserve a good monitor at the right price, and we think you'll find a model here no matter what you're looking for. I personally use the ASUS VP28UQG here, which works great for lag-free 4K gaming for hours without straining my eyes. But the frameless look and super-colorful display from AOC is hot hot hot, and the Razer Raptor looks so much smoother thanks to its 144Hz refresh rate. I would have a hard time deciding between these monitors if I were buying today. Technology marches on!

That being said, if you're looking for more options for the best monitors for Raspberry Pi, read our round-ups on the best 4K monitors and the best gaming monitors — they'll make your Pi games or streams look fantastic.

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