Best Raspberry Pi Screen Android Central 2020

The Raspberry Pi is great when tucked away being part of the internet of things, but it's best when you're enjoying the web, watching a video or doing anything else a more expensive and bigger computer can do. Best of all there are plenty of great products that let you take it all with you. Check out these ultra-portable screens for your Raspberry Pi.

Super Low Power: GeekPi 7-inch Capacitive Touch Screen

Staff pick

This 7-inch capacitive display has a 1024x600 resolution and connects via HDMI. Plus it only requires 500mA of power for its backlight.

$50 at Amazon

Plug and Play: UCTRONICS 5-inch Touch Screen

Specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi, you only need to plug it in and you're up and running. Even the cable is included!

$48 at Amazon

Go Big or Go Home: SunFounder 13-inch Portable Monitor

You get 13 inches and 1080p, which means you'll love what you see on this display. Since it's built with the Raspberry Pi in mind, there's no hassle setting things up either.

$126 at Amazon

Sounds Great: Newsoul 7-inch Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

This 7-inch display comes with its own stand and has dual-speakers so everything sounds as good as it looks.

$75 at Amazon

Palm of Your Hands: Jun-Electron Raspberry Pi Display Case

It's a case with its own 3.5-inch 320x480 TFT monitor built into the top. Carry a computer everywhere in the palm of your hand.

$30 at Amazon

4K Crazy: UPerfect 4K Portable Monitor

This 15-inch 4K display takes portable to the limit and looks good while doing it. It's also a great USB-C monitor for your other computers.

$320 at Amazon

Small but powerful

The Raspberry Pi is no slouch when it comes to video. With the current model supporting dual 4K monitors, it has the power to drive just about any screen. While you're home you can use a larger monitor or television, but for something more portable we like the GeekPi 7-inch Raspberry Pi Display.

It's a universal display thanks to a standard HDMI connection, but it was designed for the Raspberry Pi so there is no fiddling with cryptic text files to get the resolution and touch driver set up. At 7 inches, it's big enough so you can see what you are looking at without straining your eyes but small enough to tuck away into a bag. Best of all, it only draws 500mA of power so any 5volt power supply will be able to power it all.

If you need a small display for your Raspberry Pi and don't feel like working through set up files or carrying a special high-power charger to run it, you'll love it too.

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