Bell Mobility rolling out Froyo to its Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant users

We've been expecting the rollout of Android 2.2 Froyo for Canadian Samsung Galaxy S users since the previous acknowledgment from Samsung.  Now, we've been getting a ton of emails saying that it's currently available to Bell Mobility users but seemingly not all as folks are getting mixed result when checking for updates. Worst case, you'll have to wait a few more days to get it. Best case of course, being that it'll be available and you can get your Froyo on. You'll need to to visit here (opens in new tab) and download Keis to load up Android 2.2 but that's minor. Screenshot of Keis running the update can be found after the break. Thanks, Pej, for the pics and everyone else for letting us know!

  • Oh shit, Canada still exists?
  • Justin beiber now has access to even more gay porn! (its what adobe flash player was made for)
  • How about the states? This froyo build is pretty laggy. T-Mobile said December, so still wishing this is true. be a pretty beast phone with froyo stabbley on there, oh well, we can't get everything we want.
  • you gonna let Bell beat you!? If we don't get Froyo soon on my Epic...I'm trading in for an Evo
  • Its not sprints fault... its always samsungs fault...
  • So UK, Australia, Germany, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, etc have it but not the US and it has nothing to do with the carriers?
  • Yeah it's totally the carriers slowing things down and it's because they had to customize their Galaxy S from the rest of the world. Samsung has finished the Galaxy S Rom and handed it to the carriers, it's up to them now to modify it to their liking, test it and then release it. The reason Bell is the first in North America to get is because the device is a pure Galaxy S device.
  • I'm looking to upgrade my Verizon phone to get my first smartphone. I'm tired of waiting for the rumored Mecha so I'm thinking about getting the Samsung Fascinate but I don't like Bing. Will the Fascinate get Froyo and if so will it replace Bing with Google search as the default search engine when you push the search button?
  • No froyo here :(
  • So what's the difference between 2.2 and 2.2.1? Hopefully the rest of us Galaxy S users will see froyo "official releases" soon.
  • Well a 2.2.1 build just leaked for the i9000 and it's quite a lot better than 2.2 for the i9000. For 2.2.1 Samsung fixed the laggy browser by adding hardware acceleration, so pages scroll much more smoothly now. They also fixed the file system lag somehow. Quadrant was about 1000 on 2.2 and is all the way up to about 1250-1300 on 2.2.1, so lag fixes may not be required any more. Another thing... they increased the user available RAM from 304 MB to 339 MB. So a lot of great performance improvements all around for Samsung with 2.2.1.
  • Its good that they have addressed the lag. However, I (finally) rooted my phone yesterday and put the ryanz lagfix version 2 on it. I ran quadrant for giggles and got 2174! Linpack stil blows without FroYo and the JIT compiler and I only scored around 8Mfps.
  • You'll get much better real world performance with the new JPU rom or Voodoo lagfix than ryanz OCLF even though the quadrant score will be lower. Most roms I've tried with a tweaked kernel get between 14-18Mfps in linpack.
  • I wish SPRINT would hurry up and give us galaxy s user's FROYO...I'm so tired of waiting.
  • Nothing yet.. BTW does this phone don't have OTA update?
  • I'm in BC with a galaxy S and have no update as of yet. EDIT: Update just popped.
  • wicked.... updating right now.
  • Got my Froyo this morning. About dam time Bell.
    Rossland B.C.
  • got my update in ontario this am ... now can't get into market :(
  • Got my update earlier today, it bricked my phone.
    The update went fine, but it does not reboot. No boot screen, nada nothing. Tried to enter download mode, unsuccessful.
    Tried without battery, just usb, not working.
    Tried removing the battery for an hour, didn't worked. Gotta call Bell... fun incoming.
  • same here, it froze on the downloading screen
  • For those of you that received this from Bell was it OTA or did you have to connect to Kies? Update - there was no OTA notification from Bell. I had to check with Kies for the update. Having major issues with my phone now. See my next post.
  • WTF? I downloaded this update last night and all went well. I was stoked for the update. Then I shut my phone off to charge over night and when I booted it this morning it was completly erased. No apps or any settings saved. I don't want to have to rebuild from scratch. Anyone else have this problem and find a solution?
  • Do NOT install this update if you bought one of the first versions of this phone. The hardware is not compatible and your phone will die. I had to ship this phone to Samsung for repairs to make it work. After installing I only got the black screen of death. Wait for a new update to the software to make it compatible with your hardware. Not worth the trouble.
  • Successful update to Android 2.2 on Thursday Dec 9th, 2010 !!! I connected to Kies and it informed me that an update was available.
    The upgrade process was smooth and fast using Kies. All my applications continued to work after the upgrade.
    Overall the phone is very stable AND more responsive. For those interested, I bought this phone in mid-Oct 2010. Good luck everyone !