AT&T Unlimited Elite gets a free upgrade with truly unlimited data and 4K streaming

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AT&T Sign Storefront (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • AT&T's Unlimited Elite now includes unlimited premium data with no caps.
  • Hotspot data has been upgraded to 40GB from 30GB.
  • Video can now stream up to 4K when enabled on your account.

AT&T announced that it is upgrading its most expensive Unlimited Elite plan to include completely unlimited data and more hotspot data. Previously the plan came with a fairly huge 100GB of premium data meaning downloads wouldn't be subject to congestion slowdown unless the user has passed 100GB of data in a month. AT&T has completely removed this limitation and will not slow down your speeds no matter how much data is used.

AT&T has also upgraded the hotspot data pool from 30GB to 40GB. This extra 10GB of data is targeted at those who want to get connected on the go, whether connecting a work laptop or streaming to a tablet. Speaking of streaming, AT&T has also removed the 1080p limit from mobile streaming for full 4K support. Keep in mind you will need to disable Stream Saver in your account settings, but you can now make the most of the high-resolution displays on the best Android phones.

If you are already an Unlimited Elite customer, there is no need to do anything. The upgrade will be applied to your account over the week following the announcement. AT&T will send your device a text to let you know when the changes have been applied.

This plan still includes some of its best features, including full 5G support if you have 5G coverage and a phone that supports 5G. An HBO Max subscription is included, and six months of Google Stadia service is available to new customers. You also get AT&T's ActiveArmor security software included in the free AT&T Mobile Security app.

This update puts AT&T's best plan much more in line with the best cell phone plan for 5G and heavy usage. This plan now matches T-Mobile's Magenta MAX plan with the same approach to premium data and the same amount of hotspot data.

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