Is the ASUS Chromebook C434 keyboard backlit?

Best answer: Yes, the keyboard on the ASUS Chromebook C434 is backlit and will light up the keys automatically in lower lighting conditions. The backlighting can be manually adjusted, too.

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Let there be light

Chromebooks with backlit keyboards are still somewhat rare and tend to make a device cost more, so it's with glad tidings that I tell you that the C434 is among the backlit models available. The backlighting can be a tiny bit uneven near the edges, such as the Lock function key in the corner, but it's more than enough to easily make out the keys. Some of the backlighting LEDs also shine between the columns of the keyboard at some angles, but its relatively easy to ignore after your first few nights using it.

There are six backlighting levels:

  • 0% — Backlighting off.
  • 10% — This very dim setting can be useful in total darkness, but if there's any lighting in the room, the backlighting here can actually make the keyboard harder to read as it offsets reflections on the silver keys from the natural light.
  • 20% — This setting offers a nice dim light while still being easy to read in semi-lit rooms. The backlighting LEDs stick out amidst the dimly backlit keys more with this setting and the key lighting can be more uneven than normal.
  • 45% — This medium setting is easy to read in semi-lit or darkened rooms. The keys and backlighting LEDs blend together a bit more to even out the look of the keyboard.
  • 65% — This brighter setting illuminates the keys clearly even in moderately well-lit rooms.
  • 100% — Full brightness.

The backlighting here might not be quite as even as the Pixelbook, but the C434 is also a Chromebook with a bigger screen, better battery, and a lower price to boot. Even the base m3/4GB model is more than enough Chromebook for me as I can keep 10-12 tabs constantly going and a few apps popping in and out as needed. For a compact 14-inch laptop, it's hard to do better for a price/performance balance than the C434.

Ara Wagoner

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