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Archos 5 tablet half off on Amazon today

The Archos 5 has seen its price slashed from $500 down to $240 for today only over at Amazon. The tablet is packing a 500GB internal hard drive behind a 5-inch screen at 800x480 and a 800MHz processor. The 32GB flash storage version has also been discounted to $290 from $380. The major downside with either is that you are only going to be getting Android 1.6 Donut with this tablet and it lacks the Google apps (Android Market, Gmail, Google Maps & Navigation) right out of the box -- but there are ways to hack them onto the device.

Interested buyers should check out basic or full tech specs -- and ask around in our Archos forums -- before making a decision. If you decide to pull the trigger, Amazon eagerly awaits your credit card and shipping information. [Amazon (opens in new tab)]

  • Meh... I used to have a thing for Archos... I have my 605 Wifi. Always liked it but... I'm just not into archose products anymore... they used to be the standard for portable media...past tense
  • What a great way to waste 240 bucks... I think if I save that money and add another 500 or so I can just buy a xoom in middle Feb some time :)
  • So $9 cheaper than a Nook Color and smaller and less capable. Hmmm.
  • For $40 more one can get the latest generation model with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and a 7" display, but only 8GB RAM, and for $100 more, the same 7" display but only a 250GB HDD.