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All of the best apps that have made their way onto our devices this week

After a brief hiccup because of MWC at the end of February we're now back to our normal pace with the second regularly-scheduled Apps of the Week column in March. That means we're also right back on schedule offering up a handful of apps each weekend that the Android Central writers are actually using day in and day out.

They may be games, tools, weird utilities or quick one-use apps, but if they're installed on our phones or tablets, then the apps are worth talking about. You'll find our list of apps after the break — you may just find a few that fit your own needs as well.

Simon Sage - Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade launched recently offering fluidly-animated, bloody platforming action. Players guide a ninja through treacherous stages with refined touch controls, gather orbs, dispatch enemies, and get to the end o the level as quickly as possible. Performance is rated out of three stars, depending on if you manage to beat a certain clear time, gather all the orbs, and collect hidden objectives. The first seven stages are free, with the other 45 unlockable through an in-app purchase of $1.99.

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Without a doubt, Shadow Blade offers some seriously sweet ninja times.

Download: Shadow Blade (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - QuizUp


Like Trivia? Then you'll love QuizUp. Challenge your friends for a head-to-head game of question and answer, with plenty of categories, as well as rankings and leaderboards through Google Play Games. Having debuted on iOS, the app is cross platform and a ton of fun. Even when Phil and Andrew beat me. Give it a try and be sure to look us all up!

Download: QuizUp (Free)

Andrew Martonik - Karma (beta)

Karma (beta)

If you happen to have picked up one of these new pay-as-you-go Karma Wifi Hotspots, you may also notice that the current app for the device is iOS-only. Well luckily for the few of us who use the hotspots there's also an Android version of the app in development, and while it's understandably simple it works well. For the moment it will simply show the current users on your Karma hotspot, your hotspot's battery percentage and your data remaining.

The app has just hit version 1.0 yesterday and requires permission to review it in beta form using a Google Group invite (as it should), so if you're one of the few who bought a Karma hotspot you may want to email and get on the list. It certainly has a long way to go, but more testers and feedback can definitely help things at this point.

Contact: Karma for beta access; Or via the Google Group

Alex Dobie - Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpaper Forest by Kaka is a simple but fun live wallpaper that puts a stylized landscape on your home screen. But it isn't just the wallpaper's minimalist look or soothing animations that make it so enjoyable to use - it's also endlessly customizable, and can be set to adjust itself to reflect weather conditions. There's also proper day/night cycling, so the scene changes to reflect the current time of day.

It's a great complement to the geometric look of HTC Sense or stock Android, and the first wallpaper that's been able to to tear me away from Roman Nurik's excellent Muzei. Even better, it's free to use, though we'd recommend throwing the developer a few bucks through the built-in donate option.

Download: Forest Live Wallpaper (Free)

Richard Devine - Sochi 2014 Results

Sochi 2014 Results

It's Paralympic Games time in Sochi, so it's time to break out the official results app once again. If London 2012 taught me one thing, it's that Paralympic sport is often more spectacular than its able bodied equivalents, so the Winter Games are a must see. There are a bunch of different apps out there catering to more specific needs, but for an overall picture the official app is as good as it needs to be.

It's got it all. Live updates (with push notifications you're able to tailor), pictures, videos, timetables, medal tables, information about the sports and its athletes as well as the ability to set your favorite teams and athletes. Team GB might not likely be pushing the top end of the medals table, but I can't wait for the action and this app will be helping me keep on top of it all.

Download: Sochi 2014 Results (Free)

Chris Parsons - Squiggle Racer

Squiggle Racer We're all tired of seeing Flappy Bird clones but if you're looking for a game that's just as hard, Squiggle Racer might just do the trick. With visuals much like the mini racers I'm certain more than a few of you out there used to dump quarters into as a kid, Squiggle Racer puts you in control of an 8-Bit mini race car in which you must make your way around different tracks. Sounds easy right? It's not. It's insanely hard and you're sure to get ticked off that you can't pull off something as simple as turning at the right time. You get four laps to give the game a go and if you want more, there's an in-app purchase to remove ads and get more tracks for $0.99.

Download: Squiggle Racer (Free/$0.99)

Phil Nickinson — BaconReader

Reddit app BaconReader I don't always spend hours and hours looking at cat gifs on Reddit. But when I do, I use BaconReader. OneLounder has a gem of an app here. It's easy to navigate the vast landscape that is Reddit with the subreddits on the left and posts on the right. You can seach subreddits with ease, or the whole damn thing if that's how you roll. It's worth $1.99 to go premium and ad-free, too, imho. If you're a Reddit fan, give this app a go.

Download: BaconReader (free) or BaconReader Premium ($1.99)

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