Apps of the Week

Now that we're squarely in the aftermath of Nexus ordering time, the writers here at Android Central all have a minute to give you our app choices for the week. We've got some sports news, a few tools and of course, a zombie game all for your enjoyment

So go ahead and close that Play Store Nexus 4 device page for a couple minutes and take a look at some great apps with us.

Sean Brunett - SB Nation

SB Nation

I’m a huge sports fan and the more ways I can get my sports news and analysis the better. I’ve always liked SB Nation and they’ve done a great  job with their mobile app. It’s got a really nice UI and offers and focuses on giving you news rather than adding a slew of features. The app offers a simple home screen that consists of three tabs: Newsfeed, which presents the latest articles by SB Nation, Lineup, which aggregates articles on teams that you’ve selected as your favorite, and Following, which provides updates on stories which you’ve flagged as important to you that you want to receive updates about. Highly recommended for all of you sports nuts out there. 

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Download: SB Nation - Sports News (Free)

Richard Devine - Notification Weather

Notification Weather

This one is so simple, but still pretty darn sweet. Google Now adds a weather notification into your notification bar sure, but Notification Weather takes that one step further. In making full use of the expandable notifications in Jelly Bean, it's possible to get a 4 day weather forecast right there when you pull down the tray. There's not a lot of settings to deal with, changing units, setting refresh times, location, the stuff you'd expect, and also the stuff you really need. It looks great too, and using Yahoo Weather as the provider, it's actually been pretty accurate so far.

Download: Notification Weather (Free)

Simon Sage - Flick Widgets

Flick Widgets

This neat little app landed in my lap a few weeks ago, and it's proven to be very useful. It allows users to summon various widgets from the sides of the screen with simple flicks of your device. Using the accelerometer to get access to common tasks like adjusting brightness is hugely helpful for those times when you don't want to exit from whichever app you're running at any given time. Though you might be worried that this could lead to pop-ups happening all the time, an adjustable sensitivity slider ensures that the app won't go off accidentally. The free version of Flick Widgets provides access to brightness, select contacts, or a handful of volume sliders. If you're willing to drop $1.99, it will get rid of the ads and allow you to bring up standard home screen widgets or launch apps. Pretty handy stuff overall, and adds a nice twist to the usual way of getting around your phone.

Download: Flick Widgets (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - Brainsss


Brainsss is a zombie game with a twist. Normally, you'd be tasked to kill a swarm of zombies using some sort of exotic weaponry. Not this time. In Brainsss you're in control of the zombie horde, and your job is to convert humans. It starts pretty easy, but as you progress the humans get faster, smarter  and start to fight back. By the middle of the game, it takes some real strategy to pass the levels.

When you win a level , you get a few stars which can be used to "purchase" heroes  Heroes can give your horde special powers, and to make it even cooler the best hero is a bug droid. The scenery is very well done, and the overall gameplay and graphics is smooth, While it might not be the most exciting game in Google Play, but if you're looking for an nice casual (and free) game for your phone or tablet, give Brainsss a look.

Download: Brainsss (Free)

Scott Young - Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Yet another LWP from me this week. Ice Galaxy (as you would imagine) looks like a "live" galaxy floating around on your background. If you don't like a big flashy wallpaper, but still want something nice to look at, Ice Galaxy might be for you. Ice Galaxy is pretty light on options; Allowing you to change the speed, turn stars on/off and the animation when you rotate the screen, that's about it. The galaxy itself smoothly rotates between reds, blues and purples for colors and it's fairly calming to watch. Ice Galaxy makes no attempt to recreate actual galaxies but that doesn't diminish from the wallpaper itself, although that would be a cool addition in the future.

Download: Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper (Free)

Chris Parsons - RetailMeNot Coupons

RetailMeNot Coupons

I hate paying full price for things, especially things on the internet like web hosting or domain names. There is so many coupons out there for such things that you can almost always find a deal if you take the time to look around. One site that houses a lot of coupons is called RetailMeNot. To help me keep up with my extreme couponing, I use RetailMeNot Coupons -- the app is free to download in the Google Play Store and has some nice features built into it such as the ability to browse hot coupons, categories and even save coupons for later use.

Download: RetailMeNot Coupons (Free)

Anndrew Vacca - Metro North Rail

Metro North Rail

I've always been a firm believer in less is more, and when it comes to apps, functionality always outweighs flamboyance. Enter Metro North Rail, a member of the Happy Tap family of apps that looks like it hasn't been updated since the days of Froyo yet still works like a charm. For those in the NY Metro area, the Metro North rail line is essential for commuting into Manhattan, or alternatively escaping to the outlying suburbs and Connecticut. Metro North Rail does what it promises: plug in the first few letters of your origin station, then the first few letters of your destination, and Metro North Rail will list all departures on and around the time of inquiry. It's simply gathering information from the Metro North's posted schedules and offering them in less than half the clicks it would take to direct your mobile browser to the MTA's website. At the cool cost of zero dollars, this is a must for the tri-state commuter. 

Download: Metro North Rail (Free)

Alex Dobie - Tweet Lanes

Tweet Lanes

My long search for a decent Twitter client for Android is at an end. I've been using Tweet Lanes by Chris Lacy over the past few days, and it's easily the best-looking, most functional Twitter app out there. It's got a "holo" inspired UI, complete with an optional dark theme, and allows you to switch between tweets, mentions, retweets, direct messages and other stuff by swiping through "lanes" on-screen. Tweet Lanes includes a handy dropdown for quickly switching between different accounts, and incorporates other neat features like optional scrolling with the volume key, and image/video previews.

Unfortunately in the past few hours it's emerged that Tweet Lanes will be unable to pass the Twitter-mandated 100,000 user hurdle. But it's a free download from Google Play, so there's no excuse not to give it a try while you still can.

Download: Tweet Lanes (Free)

Andrew Martonik - MapMyRun GPS Running

MapMyRun GPS Running

Since we’re getting into winter and the weather is getting nasty up in the Pacific Northwest, I’m not getting outside for as much exercise as I'd like. So when there’s a little break in the rain, I like to try and go for a run. Being the nerd that I am, a big part of my motivation for running is using an app to track my progress, and I’ve chosen MapMyRun. There are a lot of different apps out there to accomplish this, but this one has been a good fit for my use.

The app locks onto GPS quickly and tracks the run accurately. Every run is recorded as an individual “workout”, and gives you a breakdown of your route, time, pace, average speed and of course distance. You can even track your elevation changes throughout the run. If you choose, you can link up the app to Facebook and Twitter (sorry, no Google+) to share your runs and progress with your friends. I’m not going to be running marathons any time soon, but at least I’m getting out there.

Download: MapMyRun GPS Running (Free)