Apps of the Week

It's the last edition of Apps of the Week for the month of May, and we've pulled together a great list of apps from the folks here at Android Central to get the month ending on a good note. Just as we do every week, this list is comprised of apps that we've all been using whether they're new, old or maybe just recently updated. What really matters is that we're using the apps, and want to give a personal recommendation for them.

Read along with us this week and see the apps that we've been using — you may just find an app or two that work for you as well.

Phil Nickinson - Hurricane


Hurricane season starts June 1. And normally I shy away from hurricane apps, because most of them just scrape the National Weather Service data. But the American Red Cross has a decent app with other information, including shelter notices, along with the usual tips for surviving the summer scourge. An update is in the works (likely this coming week, I'm told), so if something's just a bit wonky, you won't have to wait long for a fix.

Download: Hurricane (Free)

Simon Sage - Bridge Constructor Medieval

Bridge Constructor Medieval

Building bridges in a game is more fun than you think it would be. It might have something to do with how those that cross your half-baked creations dive haplessly to their demise down a ravine. Despite the lemming-quality AI, Bridge Constructor Medieval offers a wide range of physics-based challenges. It builds on the original modern-themed Bridge Constructor by having barbarians attack key points in your bridge while your people try making it to the other side. In-app purchases are employed to shortcut levels either with unlimited resources or a few hints. For what should be a pretty simple game, and could just as easily be completely 2D, there are rich 3D graphics at play here, along with a colorful storyline to justify all of this bridge-building. For engineers-at-heart, Bridge Constructor Medieval is a ton of fun.

Download: Bridge Constructor Medieval ($1.99, In-app purchases)

Richard Devine - Muzei Bing Addon

Muzei Bing Addon

I'm still using – and loving – the Muzei live wallpaper app and I just stumbled across a new favorite addon for it that uses the image of the day from Microsoft's Bing. While I'm not really a fan of Bing, it does have some gorgeous photos it uses as backgrounds every day and those translate superbly into wallpaper for your phone or tablet.

It works just like any other Muzei addon, it's completely free and packed with amazing images. Give it a shot.

Download: Muzei Bing Addon (Free)

Alex Dobie - Origami Live Wallpaper

Origami Live Wallpaper

Using the LG G3 for the past few days, I've found myself looking for simple, geometric live wallpaper to match the new LG UI. One of the best ones out there is the Origami live wallpaper by Vectors and Pixels Indiegames. It produces a rippling grid of folded square patterns, and it's fully customizable, allowing you to control every aspect of the animation's speed, color and scrolling effects. For just $1.00 on Google Play, it's worth a try if you're looking to liven up your home screen while still keeping things looking simple and clean.

Download: Origami Live Wallpaper ($1.00)

Andrew Martonik - TripIt


Alright, I've been converted. It took a good bit of persuading by Phil and Alex, but I've finally gone all-in with TripIt. We all travel a good amount for this job, and having one place to pull in all of you travel itineraries is a great thing. While the TripIt app isn't the prettiest thing out there, it's extremely functional and is a great portal to your TripIt account. You can follow all of your upcoming (and even past) trips, including flights, cars and hotels, get alerts right on your phone and share trips out when you need to.

Even if you don't want to go for the $50/year TripIt Pro subscription, be sure to at least pick up the ad-free version of the app — it's worth it.

Download: TripIt ($0.99); Free version (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand - The Collider

The Collider

In this new endless runner you pilot your rocket through a tube and slip through the cut-outs in various disks that block your path. Some of the disks rotate, some have holes barely big enough to fit through, some reward you with coinage for a successful pass. You'll use those coins to repair things when you misjudge and don't clear the holes. The game is pretty fast-paced and uses simple swiping to move your rocket. So far, I've not had to buy anything, but with coins and extra ships being an in-app purchase, the potential for a paywall is there. Let's hope my experience so far holds true, because this one is too good to be ruined by a shitty pay-to-play scheme.

The free version has ads, including full-screen ads you watch to enable repairs. You have been warned.

Download: The Collider ($1.00); Free Version (Free)

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