Twitter Blue is finally available on Android

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What you need to know

  • Twitter relaunched its revamped Blue subscription service in December for iOS and web users.
  • The subscription is now available for Android users, who can sign up through the app.
  • The subscription costs $11 per month on mobile devices, with annual pricing also available for the web.

After a long wait, Twitter has launched its Blue subscription service on Android. Anyone interested in signing up can now do so through the mobile app.

The rollout went a bit under the radar on Thursday, but The Verge pointed out the updated support page for Twitter Blue, mentioning availability on Android. The subscription, like on iOS, will set you back $11 per month, an increase from the previous $8, likely due to app store fees. Web users can still sign up for $8 per month.

In addition, users can opt to pay an annual fee if they sign up through the web, providing a discounted price of $84.

Pricing breakdown for Twitter Blue

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Twitter Blue has gone through a bit of a change over the past few months, giving users access to new features such as the blue checkmark, longer video uploads, the ability to edit Tweets — which can come in handy if you're prone to typos, early access to features being tested in Twitter Blue Labs, and more.

To sign up on your Android phone, open the Twitter app, tap your profile thumbnail at the top left corner to open the side navigation panel, select "Twitter Blue," and tap "Subscribe" at the bottom.

The splash page notes that some features are not yet available, including prioritized tweets in responses and fewer ads.

Twitter Blue has additional limitations, as the subscription is only available in select countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the UK. As noted on the support page, new accounts cannot sign up for the subscription for 90 days.

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