Spotify's 'Supremium' tier might arrive sooner than you think

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What you need to know

  • New rumors have surfaced regarding Spotify's new "Supremium" tier with lossless audio alongside its leaked logo.
  • The tier is rumored to offer features like "Your Sound Capsule" and "Highlights" which may appear similar to how does it.
  • As a bit of wild speculation, Spotify could launch its new tier "by the end of the year."

Things might be moving a little quicker than initially anticipated, as a new leak is giving us a look at what Spotify's HiFi might look like.

The latest leaks are courtesy of Chris Messina on Threads, who posted a snapshot of Spotify's "Supremium" tier (via The Verge). The post begins with a showcase of the platform's potential logo for the new plan while also stating subscribers could receive "Your Sound Capsule" as a feature. Messina doesn't make it clear what this feature could be for future subscribers.

Another rumored feature is "Highlights" — which are said to be similar to the music statistics offers its listeners through its own version.

Additionally, when Spotify listeners can potentially expect this Supremium tier was pretty much unknown. Messina is now making the bold estimate that the music streaming service could launch the new tier "by the end of the year." Whether that holds true or not remains to be seen, but at least there's something to at least keep in mind for now.

A rumored list of features potentially arriving for Spotify's "Supremium" (formerly HiFi) tier.

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Messina details other possible features like advanced playlist mixing tools such as organizing music based on BPM, vibe, mood, and more. Other such offered goodies may include AI playlist generation, 20-30 hours of audiobook listening, and 24-bit lossless audio.

None of these features are entirely surprising to us, as a rather lengthy leak from Reddit broke things for us early. However, because we're seeing the same sort of information creep up again, perhaps these bonuses bear a bit of weight for what's to come on Spotify.

The potential "selling point" of Spotify's new tier is the existence of 24-bit lossless audio. It's been said that the tier should offer CD-like quality streamed music for listeners who are looking for a little more impact from their daily tunes. Also, this tier has been a long time coming — since 2021, as a matter of fact.

Spotify hit its HiFi tier, now called Supremium, with a gutwrenching delay earlier this year but remained adamant that it was on the way. Rumors have cropped up twice now in the past two weeks, and now we have an estimated timeframe for its release. There's a little bit of hope here, but we'll continue to move with caution until something happens.

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