Samsung levels up Galaxy AI as it goes hands-free in Bixby integration

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • Samsung announced it has integrated its AI software, Galaxy AI, with its on-device assistant, Bixby.
  • This opens Galaxy AI's features to be accessed hands-free through voice controls, though Samsung warns users won't be able to launch everything.
  • This hands-free method is available for the Galaxy S24. However, the company confirmed several Galaxy AI features will arrive on past-gen devices.

Samsung announced that it's taking the next step with Galaxy AI by going completely hands-free. In its press release, the company states it has integrated its software with Bixby as it takes "steps to enable easy and seamless AI usability." Users will be able to launch various Galaxy AI features using their voices on a Galaxy S24 device.

One such feature is Interpreter, with Samsung stating users can launch this AI feature by saying, "Hi Bixby, turn on the interpreter." Users can also freely launch "Transcript Assist," as well.

The Korean OEM highlights a few more users can ask Bixby to do involving Galaxy AI:

  • Live Translate
  • Spelling Correction
  • Webpage Summaries
  • File organization with automated note covers

A graphic showing the various Galaxy AI features users can launch, hands-free, with Bixby.

(Image credit: Samsung)

The post adds users will find Galaxy AI's integration with Bixby fully functional in Chinese, English (U.S., UK, and India), French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Latin America).

Additionally, Samsung urges patience as the accuracy or "reliability" of its Galaxy AI software could waver. There is also a chance users may have to sign into their Samsung Account to utilize some of the likely cloud-based features. Moreover, not every AI-based feature is available to be launched through Bixby.

It seems that users should give Samsung some time to roll out Galaxy AI's integration with Bixby in its list of supported regions.

While this is yet another Galaxy AI feature to arrive for the S24 series, the company recently detailed a few of them will come to past-gen devices, as well. Owners of a Galaxy S23, FE, Fold, Flip, and Tab S device will soon receive features like Chat Assist (Live Translations) and Google's "Circle to Search."

It was also confirmed two days ago (Feb. 14) that the S24's unique Instant Slow-Mo feature will come to the S23 series, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Fold 5, and the Tab S9. The majority of these features are set to arrive during the rollout of One UI 6.1, which was recently rumored to happen in March.

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  • parksanim
    I have about sold off my Google devices because they seem less and less functional. They seem to send me to my phone for answers more than giving me the answers in audio. So I began to ask Bixby for answers, and for most of the mundane tasks I ask about, Bixby does better. Weather, air quality, questions about this and that --Bixby has improved while Google has dumbed down.
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    Cool, more stuff that I have absolutely no use for.