OnePlus confirms a September launch of OxygenOS 14 based on Android 14

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What you need to know

  • OnePlus confirms its upcoming Android 14-based skin, OxygenOS 14, will launch on September 25.
  • The software leverages the brand's new performance platform, Trinity Engine, to increase power consumption efficiency and more.
  • The software will also come packed with HyperBoost and HyperTouch, recognizable features to decrease input lag and increase the frame rate of its phones.

OnePlus is laying the groundwork for the upcoming launch of its Android 14-based skin, OxygenOS 14.

According to a press release, OnePlus states OxygenOS 14 will observe a global launch on September 25. The Chinese OEM aims for its new software to "be instinctive and free to control" in the users' hands. To accomplish this, OxygenOS 14 will feature the brand's new proprietary performance platform, Trinity Engine.

The Trinity Engine is OnePlus' answer to "industry-wide challenges." The platform pushes higher power consumption efficiency, enhanced multi-tasking capabilities, and a faster, smoother overall experience.

OnePlus confirms the launch of OxygenOS 14 with the Trinity Engine.

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OnePlus states several aspects of the software such as CPU Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, ROM Vitalization, HyperBoost, HyperTouch, and HyperRendering are present to boost the long-term usage of its devices. Together, these gears under the hood raise the bar on the aforementioned experiences while improving intensive mobile gaming moments on a OnePlus Android phone.

HyperBoost was notably present on the brand's latest launch of the Ace 2 Pro, a device that brings 24GB of RAM to the party. This piece of software works to increase its frame rate stability by an extra 10%, a bump gamers will surely notice. OnePlus' HyperTouch is known to decrease the amount of screen lag on its devices, as well.

"Powered by OnePlus' latest innovations, OxygenOS 14 will be the most intelligent and intuitive software product in OnePlus' history," adds Kinder Liu, president and COO of OnePlus. Currently, the brand hasn't stated which devices are sitting in prime positions to receive OxygenOS 14 first come September 25.

However, it's likely that its most recent flagship, the OnePlus 11, is near the top of the list. We're also still waiting on the launch of the OnePlus Open, the company's first book-style foldable, which is sitting pretty to roll out with OxygenOS 14 in tow.

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