The Motorola Razr Plus picks up a new update

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(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • While a little late, the Motorola Razr Plus is starting to receive its first patch, via the July 2023 security update.
  • The update is minimal, only detailing "stability improvements."
  • Motorola has committed to bi-monthly security updates on the Razr Plus for the next four years.

Motorola's latest clamshell foldable is beginning to receive what appears to be its first security patch.

Android Central's Derrek Lee has noticed that the Motorola Razr Plus has started to receive the July 2023 security update. Owners of a Razr Plus will update to firmware version T1TZS33.3-62-25-1-3.

The company didn't provide much insight into what the patch entails. It looks like users will only be treated to stability improvements brought in by the July update. The very minimalistic changelog simply states it "includes changes that fix bugs and improve the stability of your device."

The update appears to have begun rolling out as early as last week.

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

On the Android Security Bulletin, the patch aims to correct 11 system vulnerabilities, a "critical" problem, and several problems marked as "high" priority. You can also see the list of fixes contained in the update from Motorola's software support page.

Unfortunately, the update doesn't appear to address some small issues we've run into with the phone, such as the odd tint when taking a selfie from the cover screen. Others have also pointed out issues with the calendar panel on the cover screen.

Motorola committed to bi-monthly security updates for its flagship Razr Plus — which is something, even if the company has never been particularly that great with updates. Moreover, Motorola is slightly late with its delivery, while some of the best Android phones download security updates monthly to stay ahead of critical problems and security vulnerabilities.

However, the company has started to get a bit better with its security update cadence, as we're now seeing with its foldable phone and other devices like the Motorola Edge Plus (2023).

Additionally, Motorola has stated the Razr Plus is eligible for three Android OS upgrades, and it will support the device with four years of security updates.

Furthermore, we are coming up on the release of the next major OS release: Android 14. The software recently gave testers a chance to experiment with Android 14 Beta 4.1 to squash any more kinks before its stable release.

With the software expected to land in our hands this month, it'll be interesting to see how quickly Motorola is to provide its $999 flagship clamshell (and its users) with the latest OS. The company waited to bring its supported flagship devices up to Android 13 until "early 2023," but the rollout has been seemingly inconsistent.

This pushed Motorola further back behind many other OEMs as the likes of Samsung, OnePlus, and OPPO delivered the major OS patch to their users before 2022 closed.

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