Google Pixels' July 2023 security patch aims to solve battery woes

The Google Pixel 7a's home screen outdoors
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What you need to know

  • Google's July 2023 security patch rolls out for the Pixel 4a to the Pixel 7a and also includes the latest Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.
  • Google includes a fix for battery and thermal performance in this update, though it's unclear if it will solve problems users faced in June.
  • Several "high" and "critical" vulnerabilities were fixed for Pixels' framework and systems.

Google is beginning to roll out July's security update right on time in the first week of July.

Unlike June's patch, the changelog for the July 2023 security patch is pretty light but should hopefully correct a severe issue users reported last month. As usual, this month's update is available from the Google Pixel 4a up to the Pixel 7a. Globally, these devices will download firmware version TQ3A.230705.001

Two additional devices are involved this time around, the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet, which will update to version TQ3C.230705.001.C1 and TQ3A.230705.001.B4, respectively.

Additional firmware versions for July in the U.S. for a couple of different carriers, as well as Japan, are shown below.

A list of July 2023 security patch version numbers for Japan and U.S. carriers.

(Image credit: Google)

The standout fix in the light patch notes involves a fix for Pixel devices' batteries. As Google notes, a fix is rolling in to correct "battery usage or thermal performance in certain conditions" alongside some improvements to charging.

The second fix involves lock screen notification text occasionally appearing behind certain unlock UI elements.

Google states both fixes have been included on the Pixel Tablet, as well.

Furthermore, Google has listed all of the vulnerabilities it aims to correct with the July 2023 security patch on the Android Security Bulletin. The company lists 11 system vulnerability fixes for this patch with one being labeled as "critical" and ten listed as "high" on a scale of priority. Additionally, twelve framework fixes are coming in which were all "high" on Google's radar.

With regards to the battery fix, we hope this is a solution to the severe battery drain issue users reported during June. Last month, owners of a Pixel 7 and 6 series device said their devices' batteries would drain quite quickly and the device would generate much more heat than usual after updating to the June 2023 security patch.

At the time, Google didn't formally acknowledge users' reports but, hopefully, the fix included this month will rectify any problems.

Lastly, Google pushed the Android 14 beta 3.1 to those enrolled in the program early on in June. Considering we are now beginning to receive the July patch, beta testers may benefit from preparing to download the next Android 14 beta at some point here in early July.

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