The upcoming Pixel 8 could launch with this cool video feature

Pixel 7 Pro with Camera app open close-up
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What you need to know

  • Google Photos APK findings hint at a potentially new exclusive feature for the Pixel 8.
  • Video Unblur would presumably work similarly to Photo Unblur on the Pixel 7, but for videos.
  • New video overlays were also discovered in the Google Photos app.

Google Photos is an excellent tool for Android smartphones, especially for Pixel devices. Since Google makes them, they have some exclusive goodies, like Photo Unblur and (previously) Magic Eraser.

New findings from 9to5Google now indicate Google Photos might be working on a similar new feature for the upcoming Pixel 8 series, which is set to launch later this year.

The latest APK findings by 9to5Google point at a new video blur feature possibly readying for the Google Pixel 8 launch in the Google Photos app. For the uninitiated, Photo Unblur on the Pixel 7 series utilizes the power of Tensor G2 to reduce the blur on an image that might have been a little off while capturing or to remaster an older photo that might not be very clear.

9to5 says a similar tool is apparently being brought to video, likely to its next flagship launch of the Pixel 8, renders of which were recently leaked.

Screenshots from 9to5's report showcase unblur effect being implemented on a video, though the feature appears to be still in progress. We could expect a fully sharpened video tuned up (once the feature is live), which otherwise would have been blurry in some instances.

Google Photos new feature

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

Nonetheless, this could still be a sneak peek of one of the exclusive features for upcoming Pixel phones, or it could be introduced through a future feature drop for current or forthcoming Pixel devices like the Pixel 7a.

Google had a similar approach for the HDR effect feature in Google Photos, which debuted for still images and was more recently added to videos. It's still speculative at this point, although it's possible that the feature may require the upcoming Tensor G3 chip that will likely power the Pixel 8.

That said, while the Magic Eraser was initially a Pixel exclusive, the feature was eventually rolled out to older Pixels and other Android phones (via a Google One subscription).

The recent APK Findings also showcased more additional features for video editing beyond video blur, including a new "Overlays" tab. These are new video effects that act like filters on top of a video that's being edited.

They are 14 in total: After School, B&W, Chromatic, Forward, Glassy, Golden, Moire, Multiply, Polaroid, Rainbow Rays, Reflect, RGB Pulse, Super 8, and VHS. Effects like Chromatic are said to add an aberration effect, and Super 8 for old classic video styles.

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