Google could soon release ‘Gemini Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans for Workspace

The Gemini Era graphic from Google.
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What you need to know

  • Google recently rebranded its AI efforts as Gemini, and told users to expect Duet AI to become Gemini for Workspace.
  • Now, a leaked changelog gives us our first look at how Google will sell advanced AI features to Google Workspace business customers.
  • New subscription plans, called Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise, will be available to give Workspace customers access to the Gemini 1.0 Ultra model and more.  

Google is planning to update its subscription offerings for Google Workspace business customers just over a week after the Gemini rebrand. The company still houses many of its AI features in Workspace under the Duet AI name. However, Google announced that it would rebrand these features under a new Gemini for Workspace brand. 

Following the leak of an upcoming changelog, first spotted by Testing Catalog in a post on X, we now know this rebrand will include new subscription tiers. The plans are called Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise. According to the changelog, these two subscription plans are slated for release on Wednesday, Feb. 21. 

“The new Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans give Google Workspace customers access to one of Google‘s most capable AI models, 1.0 Ultra in Gemini, and enterprise-grade data protections,” the changelog states. ”The Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plans are available and optimized in English in over 100 countries and territories.”

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The new Gemini Business and Enterprise plans will seemingly replace Duet AI, the existing subscription service for AI features in Workspace. That plan costs $30 per month per user, as of Google’s announcement in August 2023. However, with Duet AI being split into two subscription tiers, it’s unclear what will separate the Gemini Business and Enterprise options. There aren’t any answers in the leaked changelog.

It’s worth noting that you won’t need Duet AI, or whatever Google rebrands the subscription to, in order to access AI features in Workspace for much longer. While business Google Workspace customers will likely need a Business or Enterprise subscription, personal Workspace users can use the Google One AI Premium plan instead. That costs $20 per month, and it’ll be a cheaper way for average users to access AI features in Workspace.

However, Google hasn’t provided a timetable for when Gemini for Workspace features will become available for Google One AI Premium subscribers. 

Separately, a changelog entry dated Tuesday, Feb. 20, includes a mention of a new Gemini Advanced tool that can run Python code.

 “These coding capabilities are particularly beneficial for two main use cases: learning and verification,” the changelog explains. “For example, students can play with Gemini’s code examples to better understand how modifications impact the outputs … or, developers can quickly check if the code generated by Gemini runs correctly before copying it.“

These leaked changelog entries do not guarantee that these features will be released on the stated dates. However, it’s clear that Google is swiftly working to improve its AI tools and release new ones. Google already released fixes for the Gemini mobile app and announced a new AI model

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