Google announces when the next Android 13 beta will begin, and it's coming soon

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What you need to know

  • Google is expected to launch the next feature drop soon and end the QPR2 beta.
  • The QPR3 beta is set to arrive the week of March 13.
  • Users will have to opt out of the QPR2 beta to receive the stable build and avoid a data wipe.
  • Users that don't opt out will immediately be put in the next beta track.

We're still waiting for Google to release the stable March 2023 feature drop after months of beta builds, but the company has already started teasing the Android 13 QPR3 beta.

In a post on the Android Beta Reddit page, Google announced that Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1 will be released the week of March 13, which is this coming Monday. While not going into detail as to what we can expect from the beta, the post does highlight ways users can prepare for the stable update or get their phones ready for the next beta.

One important change Google is making to the program is that users looking to update to the stable build are required to opt out of the beta program. Otherwise, those still on the beta will not receive the stable build and will automatically be put on track for the next Android 13 beta and receive QPR3 Beta 1.

The post also notes that users who don't want to deal with a data wipe when exiting the beta program will have to opt out before March 13 and ignore any notification for the beta OTA update if it shows up on their devices. They'll then have to wait until their phone receives the stable OTA update.

"If you opt-out of the program after installing the QPR3 beta 1 update, all user data on the device will get wiped per usual program guidelines."

You'll still be able to avoid a data wipe if you received the update notification, so long as you don't download/install QPR3 Beta 1, opt out of the program, and wait for the stable OTA.

While the stable QPR2 build was seemingly delayed (it was expected to arrive earlier this week), it's safe to say that the update will likely be announced on Monday. However, it looks like Google is continuing to release QPR betas despite the company previously stating that the program would end in March and be followed up with the Android 14 beta.

While Android 14 is currently on its second developer preview, it's expected to reach beta in April, so it appears there may be two concurrent beta programs running until the stable QPR3 release in June.

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