Secret Samsung AI features for typing and note-taking just got leaked

A Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with wallpaper from Backdrops resting on the number pad of a Galaxy Book 3 Ultra
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What you need to know

  • A new rumor reveals upcoming features for Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes, including webpage summarization, sentence conversion, and tone detection.
  • Thanks to Galaxy AI, hand-written notes on Samsung Notes may also be transformed into professionally formatted emails or other content.
  • The leaked information suggests there are even more AI features to come for Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is dropping in a few days, and it's bringing not just raw processing power but new AI-powered features that'll take your smartphone experience to the next level, as per a new rumor.

According to Alvin on X (formerly Twitter), the Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes apps are leveling up to do AI-powered tricks like summarizing webpages, assisting with tone detection, and switching up sentences to different tones (via Android Authority).

Since we do a lot of our chatting on mobile, these features are definitely worth checking out, assuming this pans out.

As per the tipster, you'll be able to pick from five tones, including professional and casual. Plus, you can toss emojis right into your sentences, making your chats super laid-back when using Samsung Keyboard.

Back in the later part of last year, there was a similar leak claiming that One UI 6.1 would roll in with a nifty AI feature for Samsung Keyboard, allowing you to tweak your sentence tone. Now, the latest buzz is that Samsung's Galaxy AI is set to power these capabilities, potentially giving Google's Bard and OpenAI's ChatGPT a run for their money.

Thanks to Galaxy AI, you might also have the power to turn your messy scribbles in Samsung Notes into polished professional emails or whatever else floats your boat. Plus, you'll supposedly be able to copy them straight to your Samsung Keyboard's clipboard for easy sharing.

Beyond what the leaker spilled, word on the street is that Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes are packing even more AI goodies. Whether these new AI features will charm the socks off die-hard users of other keyboard apps remains a million-dollar question.

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