Apple sues Motorola over multitouch on its Android smartphones

Another day, another patent lawsuit. And this time around it's Apple suing Motorola over multitouch on nearly all its Android phones -- basically everything up to and including the Droid X. In addition to the multitouch infringement claims, there's also:

  • Object-Oriented System Locator System
  • Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Determining Commands by Applying Neuristics
  • Method and Apparatus for Displaying and Accessing Control and Status Information in a Computer System.
  • Support for Custom User-Interaction Elements in a Graphical, Event-Driven Computer System.

Needless to say, this will take a while. And, no, if Moto loses it doesn't mean your phone will be taken away -- it just means Moto will have to either change how it's doing things -- and/or pay a bucketload of money to Apple. Get the full breakdown on the suit at the source link. [Patently Apple via 9 to 5 Mac]

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Phil Nickinson