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Apple sues Motorola over multitouch on its Android smartphones

Another day, another patent lawsuit. And this time around it's Apple suing Motorola over multitouch on nearly all its Android phones -- basically everything up to and including the Droid X. In addition to the multitouch infringement claims, there's also:

  • Object-Oriented System Locator System
  • Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Determining Commands by Applying Neuristics
  • Method and Apparatus for Displaying and Accessing Control and Status Information in a Computer System.
  • Support for Custom User-Interaction Elements in a Graphical, Event-Driven Computer System.

Needless to say, this will take a while. And, no, if Moto loses it doesn't mean your phone will be taken away -- it just means Moto will have to either change how it's doing things -- and/or pay a bucketload of money to Apple. Get the full breakdown on the suit at the source link. [Patently Apple via 9 to 5 Mac]

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  • So apple cant beat Android so just sue all android makers? These lawsuits are so broad that if apple wins they might as well be the only damn smartphone maker. . . one would think apple invented the cell phone.
  • We have to get it strait the iphone isn't a smartphone. It's just a phone with a lot of extras.
  • Apple, stop complaining and just make better smartphones if you are scared of Android.
  • Apple is evil. Its not bad fruit its the rotten worm at its iCore.
  • I fully agree! Nothing good can come of crapple anymoore
  • And your wifi sniffing Google isn't?
  • I will NEVER buy another Apple device again. Ever.
  • EVER???
  • I have made it 32 years without an apple device. I think I can make it a few more years. *Disclaimer*
    I have used apple software, but it has all been free software.
  • Never needed one, never will. If I want any apple, I'll get it from the farmers.
  • I had several iPhones and have a Mac. I was a network engineer for 16 years and found the Mac to be a great change from a PC. I moved from iPhone to Android to get away from AT&T's horrible service. When Verizon gets the iPhone I may go back.
  • I better sue Apple for not allowing competition in this capitalist market system. I hope Apple goes bankrupt before I die.
  • I hope you said the same when Motorola sued Apple, bloody twat.
  • Everything you say is automatically invalid because you cant play with the big kids without calling people names. Now go to time out
  • Western District of Wisconsin? Neither Apple nor Motorola are in the Western District of Wisconsin, not unless they have a secret location in someones dairy barn. I better go check my barn, I heard strange noises there last night.
  • Eh... was thinking this was going to happen soon enough. I don't think anything will come of it. HTC still puts multitouch... and so do a lot of other phone companies.
    All companies copy... Apple did so with Palm and RIM.
  • When Motorola sued Apple, you morons didn't bother to mention it on your site. Apple countersues back and you crybabies are whining. What a bunch of deluded fanboys.
  • As a matter of fact AC ran a rather in depth analysis of the patent suit wars. You may want to double check your facts before polishing Mr. Jobs scrotum.
  • Where is the link of them running a story when Motorola sued Apple?
  • Apple is such a big cry baby when it comes to the smallest things yet they dont have the new stuff (on there computers) like Blu-Ray capability or an HDMI outlet and other things but seriously muti touch...there wasting there time and i hope they lose on this one
  • Hey dummy were Motorola crybabies when they sued Apple?
  • Is that the only valid argument you have?
  • Yeah and I guess you have a better argument genius?
  • I have never and I mean never purchased an Apple product. I had an MP3 player back in the Rio, late 90s, before Apple copied the idea.
  • I remember the Rio mp3 players, they were so awesome
  • I was waiting for this, ever since I heard about them patenting their multitouch system I've been wondering who they'd attack first. It's fair enough, really, but sometimes you just wish they'd get along and understand that it's technology for the people.
  • Another indirect lawsuit against Google. Google should block iPhones from using Google search or YouTube and maybe Apple will back down.
  • Agreed
  • I'm sorry, but as a huge proponent of net neutrality I have to disagree with this. It is no ones place to block the web. While it is the first knee jerk reaction, that is a slippery slope that I do not think any of us wants to see started. The only thing Google needs to do is to keep eating up Apples market share.
  • I love how when goon calls android central morons up is it then goon you came to be a part of this? Do you make it a habit to read things by morons or do you just not have a goal in life? Get a job.
  • I was waiting for Apple to sue Motorola. I hope the judges rule against Apple, they want a monopoly over the touchscreen cell phone market. I think Motorola should say Apple is infringing on their patent of the cell phone in their lawsuit against them.
  • I was about to say the same thing. Motorola has been making cell phones a lot longer than apple and I'm sure they've used some of their technology.
  • If you are all about apple why get on the android sight. I'm sure apple users hate on the droid users but come on with the name calling. That's just petty. It's a forum. This is for people who share a common interest. I usually don't comment on other's post but I mean....
  • Come on guys lets not be blind fanboys dont be mad just because one company sues another.
  • Screw apple and there fanboys they both suck! Everyone with an iphone that I meet say that they want to come over to android cuz the iphone is played out
  • Let's face it the most low end (rooted) android phone can do more then a beefed up iphone can do
  • ...ok - and who did Apple steal the McIntosh mouse from (...hint: Xerox). This is the same old Apple and Steve Jobs that almost destroyed it in the past. Get a grip, Apple - find something productive to do
  • Apple did not get a patent on multi touch. They got a patent on how it is implemented. Something about how fingers are positioned as they touch the screen, or some bs like that. They did not get a patent for pinch to zoom.
  • Motorola sued them first..
  • Don't mind these twats, they won't comment on that. Just big bad evil Apple suing.
  • Who told you to leave time out?
  • So tell me how many other companies use multitouch on their phones and how many of them have gotten sued by Apple?
  • Motorola I'm sure owns patents that Apple infringed on
  • Yeah and Apple owns patents Motorola infringed on, what is your point?
  • Obviously you're an "Apple Fanboy" what are you doing on an Android website?
  • Yeah and obviously your Eric Scmidt's person jock sniffer.
  • I would expect that type of reply from an internet tough guy such as yourself....
  • You sure would, now clear off.
  • eat a di*k
  • Jobs takes on God!
  • So all this means is we take the following graphic of who is suing who: And change the arrow from Motorola to Apple to be double-sided.
  • Another day, another suit. these company's will always be going after each other and knowingly infringing upon each others so called patents, whether they've been implemented or.not. truth is, if with the understanding of a potential settlement, it's still so worth it to break the rulesand cash inon whichever features you.may choose bring to the market. Capitalism at it's best. in the end the consumer wins, sometimes we just have to payback little.more for it.
  • Someone ought to strip Apple and gangs of all their patents, especially those that are non-existent and those that are just plain natural (pinch-zoom).
  • Why do apple fan comes to our site to bitch??? Go to apple forum and talk about hacking and leave us android users alone yo... Not cool we dont want no wanna be steve jobs recruits here.
  • looks like somebody hears the footsteps.....
  • I'm glad to hear that companies have enough money now to sue each other like things - must mean the economy is doing better!
  • The cell phone market is growing very rapidly in the past couple years, and it's turning into a dirty business and almost every company are suing each other with Nokia doing the most suing. Microsoft attempted to sue Motorola a month ago, I bet by now lawyers are getting tired of all these filings. Apple aren't so innocent, they stole from Xerox and Microsoft in the 80's and Rio mp3 players in the 90's. iPhones/iPads don't go very far without Flash media and some other capacities, Jobs want the Apple store to control their customers. Oh and here's a picture of who's suing who:
  • Apple didn't steal from Xerox they copied. Big difference that the Apple fanbois HATE to admit. Xerox was sitting on the interface and not doing anything with it. Jobs came in, saw what was there and in traditional Jobian fashion cleaned it up, modified it, and sold it. And Microsoft copied Apple. Apple didn't steal anything from MS. MS's UI before Apple came on the scene was crap. As alway everyone copies everyone else. Nothing new here.
  • Xerox gave them the right in exchange for Apple shares, get a clue.
  • As always may Apple and its CEO burn in the lowest levels of Hell. Those who can't innovate, sue.
  • You must mean Motorola too who can't innovate right?
  • 1. Motorola doesn't have enough money to sue Apple, doing so was a stupid move even if it as done as a "proactive defense" against the inevitable Apple suit of the week. 2. Apple has very few (any?) patents for hardware. That's why they use off the shelf components. Moto, on the other hand, is a hardware company first and foremost. It's very likely that Apple is using quite a bit of Motorola IP in their phones, and already pay huge licensing fees to Moto, or infringe. Or both. 3. Apple admits openly to stealing Nokia technology, and not paying license fees because they feel they are too high. The same licensing fees that every handset maker (except Apple) is paying to Nokia, for technology that Apple is aware they are stealing. When the stall tactics finally run out and Apple has to face Nokia in court, they will probably lose. Outside the US, they will definitely lose. Now anyone who says Apple makes bad business decisions is an idiot. Everything Apple does, or says is designed to get the money out of your pocket, and into theirs. I think Apple is trying to file ridiculous and frivolous patent applications and suits, in an effort to get some sort of mainstream attention to how fouled up the patent system is, so that when consumers see a headline saying how Apple has to pay a couple billion to Nokia or stop making phones, they look like the innocent party against big bad Nokia. /tinfoil hat off.
  • You better take off the tinfoil hat because you sound crazy with all that conspiracy crap. All companies are in it to take your money, if you believe otherwise you are deluded.
  • Why do you care so much? Every time i read one of your comments i imagine you sitting at your computer furiously typing these defensive responses with tears pouring down your face. I hope it's your job
  • I think its already been said that Motorola and Apple were in talks and the talks broke down. That similar to Google and Sun however Moto doesn't have anything open sourced in this dispute. Don't think about Motos current problems with moving mobile units. They are deep into technology and cell phones and to build a cell phone you just about have to license some technology from them. They would be stupid not to sue. Its not a frivolous case at all. In the end though I think whats happening is that Apple is being exposed for the technology company that it ISN'T. They know how to tweak some things off the shelf like hardware and the UI for BSD/Unix. But all the rest of the companies are serious with serious engineers and once they get rolling Apple can't keep up. Apple basically pulled out the iPhone at a time when just about everyone would agree that the cell phone world had become very dull. There were times I didn't even want a new phone if something happened to mine because nothing was any more interesting than the cheapest dumb phone. Apple stuck a pretty face on something that looks not much different than a Palm crossed with an IPaq...people seem to forget those. Now that everyone has been sparked back to life Apple has got to try anything they can to stop the wave. They know they don't have the horses (engineers) to keep up.
  • motorola should not have sued apple. big mistake by motorola
  • The increasingly complex web that's developed from all of the mobile patent infringement actions is truly head-spinning. What's more, it all seems rather wasteful, when one considers the fact that the likely result of all these lawsuits will be settlements and cross-licensing deals. How anticlimactic.