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Google Wallet

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Google Wallet was the company's first swing at taking on mobile payments in stores, online and in apps, but since the release of Android Pay has shifted directions quite dramatically. The new Android Pay system is taking over in-store, online and in-app payments, and Google Wallet is being scaled back to handle person-to-person money transfers, and the management of the physical Google Wallet Card.

The new Google Wallet app makes it amazingly easy to send money to or request money from anyone with just their email address. When sending you can pull money directly from a connected bank account with no fee, or load it up quickly with a debit card for a 2.9 percent fee. The same applies for those sending you money when you request it. When you receive money it lands in your Wallet Balance, where it can be sent to another person, cashed out to your bank (again with no fee), or used with your Wallet Card.

Google's physical Wallet Card is the same as it has been for a couple of years now, and acts like a fully prepaid debit card. You can make purchases in stores and online anywhere that MasterCard Debit is accepted, as well as withdraw from ATMs, and the card only has access to money that's in your Wallet Balance. Just as is the case when funding money transfers, you can add money to your Wallet Balance fee-free from your bank account, and even set up recurring deposits.


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Android Pay and Google Wallet are consolidating under Google Pay brand

Google is taking the first step to unifying its disparate payment brands. Since it was announced back in 2015, Android Pay has overshadowed another legacy Google payment brand, Google Wallet, which, though it once offered in-store payments, has since been relegated to a cross-platform peer-to-peer...

Gmail app adds Google Wallet money attachments so you can get paid faster

A sneakily great Gmail feature is coming from the web to Android. You've been able to send and request money via Gmail for some time now — but curiously, the function was limited to the web. With the latest update to the Gmail app for Android, you now have the ability to make the same money...
Google Wallet

Google Wallet launches snazzy new web app for desktop and mobile

Google keeps up with Wallet, which is great for everyone. Though Android Pay has taken the spotlight as of late for in-store NFC payments and online purchases, Google Wallet lives on for person-to-person money transfers in a market filled with alternatives like Square Cash, Venmo and PayPal....

Uber adds Android Pay support, dropping Google Wallet on May 9

After being one of the most recognizable apps using Google Wallet for payment processing, Uber is making the switch to using Android Pay as the old Wallet system is closing in on its sunset. Though Android Pay is most notably taking over as the NFC tap-and-pay system for Google, it is also ready...
Google to drop support for physical Google Wallet card on June 30

Google to drop support for physical Google Wallet card on June 30

Google has now confirmed that it will be ending support for the physical Google Wallet card on June 30. While you can still make purchases with the card through June 30, Google says it will stop allowing users to add money to their Wallet Balance on May 1. From Google: You can only make...
Google Wallet will soon let you send and receive money with a text message

Google Wallet will soon let you send and receive money with text messages

An imminent update to Google Wallet will eliminate the need to use an email address when sending money. Users will be able to send money to anyone in their conacts list with a phone number via text message. When sending money with a text, your contact will receive a secure link. After tapping...
Google Wallet can now be manually locked

Google Wallet now lets you add a second active bank account and manually lock the app

The Google Wallet app has received an update which brings it some highly requested features. Included in this update is the ability to add a second verified bank account, as well as manually lock the app. This means you'll no longer have to wait for the app to time out and ask for a PIN, and...
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This is why Android Pay is asking you for a 'Google Payments PIN' when making purchases

The 'Google Payments PIN' is annoying to use, but it won't be around for long. When Android Pay finally arrived to replace the withering-on-the-vine Google Wallet, everyone rushed to get their cards into the app. Those who had a "supported" card from a bank that was in partnership with Google...
Android Pay and Google Wallet

What's the difference between Android Pay and the new Google Wallet?

Google is giving mobile payments a second go with Android Pay, and that's somewhat confusing to anyone who used Google Wallet. Times are changing, and as we shift away from "traditional" in-store purchasing with physical cards to a variety of new systems, there's plenty of competition for your...
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Weekly poll: Have you used your phone to buy something?

It seems like we've been talking a lot about mobile payments for the past two years or so, even though our friends in parts of Europe and Asia can tell us they've been around forever. At first, Google Wallet was going to change the way we pay at the cash register. Then came Isis, which was...
Android Pay begins rolling out starting today

Android Pay is rolling out starting today

Google has announced that its new mobile payment system, Android Pay, will begin rolling out today. With this, you will be able to make payments using just your Android phone. Over the coming months, additional features, banks and store locations will be adding support for Android Pay. Android...
Google rolls out brand new, redesigned Wallet app to Google Play

Google rolls out redesigned Wallet app to Google Play

Possibly in preparation for the upcoming release of Android Pay, Google has released a brand new Google Wallet app into the wild on Google Play. The new Google Wallet features a new icon and a much sleeker design that cuts down on the clutter of the previous version. When you first open the new...